Any tips for vegans doing Medifast?

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Hi, I'm new to medifast. I am still waiting for my first shipment to arrive. After reading the book Skinny Bit** by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin I decided to become a Vegan. I was wondering if anybody had any advice for me on MF, the lean and green meals and just being a vegan in general. I'm trying to plan my l&g meals in advanced so that when my Medifast gets to me I can start right away. Any advice would be greatly appreciated..

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Good luck Coco! I can't help with the Vegan part from experience, but I have the Medifast part down :-) You can do it, just don't take no for an answer!..

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Liahana thanks for the reply. I just figured since I'll be doing medifast,and I am giving up animal product, I might as well do it at the same time. I guess for now I will just have to be a lacto-ovo-vegetarian. I think that is the correct term for it. Once I finish the program I can go vegan...

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Don't let me be the one to tell you it can't be done... just let me be the one to tell you that I can't do it! I am VERY excited about going vegan (my 15-yo is already vegan), but there are those days where I'm barely squeaking under the limit of 85 carbs, and if I had to go with the vegan burger, I'd probably kick myself out of ketosis. Truthfully, there are days in the week where I'm mixing powders and potions and thinking that this can't be good for me... all this processed food. But my personal focus is on the fact that it works, and the fact that my personal food vicespotato chips and chocolate chipsare VEGAN (or can be, and OH MY GOD have you ever had a vegan chocolate chip cookie from Whole Foods...kicks a regular cookie's crumbly butt!), so I'm taking this opportunity to learn to control HOW much I eat. I can deal with what I eat in the future...

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Hmmm....I thought the goal was 80-100 carbs per day...if I have to stay at 85 each day, I've gotta re-evaluate!! The first 2 days for me, I had just under 100 carbs and will probably hit right about there today once dinner is over. (The oatmeal isn't a factor for me, hate it, but I LOVE the chocolate bars.)..

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I believe that if you'll search you'll find that while the recommended range for the carbs is 80 to 100, the optimal range is 80 to 85...

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Ahhhh, ok. That makes sense. So I won't be off-plan if I have 85-100, but I'll be better off if I have 80-85.


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For me, personally, even 85 calories is pushing my carb limits (I know this from years of Atkins). It really depends on YOU and how insulin resistant you are...

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