Any sweet or salt Nutrisystem snack ideas?

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This time of night 8-9PM is really hard for me. I like to snack at night..

So after I have my Nutrisystem entree and dessert, if you must snack...what do you have?.

Any "sweet" ideas that we can have?.

Any "salty" ideas?.


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Your question was: Any sweet or salt Nutrisystem snack ideas?.

Thanks, prior to sitting down I ran 5 miles and cut the grass (45 min chore)..

Keep the ideas coming.


Comment #1

When do you eat dessert? How late? I eat dinner about 6 pm; then around 8 I have my 6 almonds; then about 9 pm I have dessert. I find that I am rarely hungry later...but if I am it's the SF popsicle or a cup of bouillon or some celery etc..

Comment #2

Snacking is a bad habbit. Break it. Most people do it for the wrong reasons, not because they're hungry. There is no reason you still need more food after you finish everything for the day...

Comment #3

I usually eat dinner around 5:30-6. And have dessert around 7ish....

Yes I know snacking is a bad habit. I need to break it.

Thanks for the ideas.....

Comment #4

I found many of the "carby-type" Nutrisystem desserts actually made me crave more carbs 2 hours afterwards. So, I switched the "dessert" most days to "cake & coffee" time 2 hours before supper instead of having the afternoon protein/fruit serving at that time. I do protein/fruit/& the fat serving 2 hours after supper & have mineral water or a big mug of herbal tea too..

Lately, it's a cup of Fage 0% (20 G protein), some blackberries, half dozen nuts and big glass of mineral water with a slice of lemon or lime.

Other times, a little can/packet of tuna or chicken (~16 G protein), chopped celery (any unlimited veg), mixed with a serving of Bolthouse Farms Chunky Blue Cheese or other low-fat dressing & some apple slices.

Anyway, switching out dessert to earlier in the day might be worth a try for anyone having cravings after their dessert..

~ Joanne..

Comment #5

Why can't I find Fage around here? I've been hearing really good things about it on the boards. I'm really big on high protein content for yogurt. 16 grams is the most I get out of the Dannon & Chobani brands. 20 gr. of protein would be even better...

Comment #6

This is a really good idea, and on the days I remember to do it, it does seem to help!!.

Tammy - sf popsicles are my go-to in the summer, and Pam's right about doing things that keep your hands to busy to is just a habit, and you can break it, but it takes some time for your head to adjust I posted to you on the What Did You Eat thread too Keep at it, you'll get there! (ps-sometimes after a lot of workout -you mentioned running/lawn work- if you just "flood" yourself with fluids, it can really help by not only rehydrating you, but keeping you feeling full...)..

Comment #7

If you absolutely must have something crunchy and salty/spicy try some salsa and celery...

Comment #8

Never had this until Nutrisystem but I use Sugar Free Jello when I get a snack attack at night. Mostly it is watching TV and I just feel the need...

Comment #9

I had that problem at first too. I found what helped for me is to have dinner later like 7:30. Then I could have my dessert during that snack attack time...

Comment #10

-shrugs- Snacking is a bad habit but after 6 months on this program it hasn't derailed me to keep it. I snack on carrots, mushrooms, big bowls of lettuce and 2 cups of sf jello w/ff reddi whip. Yum yum...

Comment #11

I think it was on the Oprah show, or some other talk show, what I think is a great statement and it went something like this, "When you are sitting around the house at night and you want something but you don't know what, Don't eat. That is your body losing weight. It means your diet is working, your body recognizes the change in food and is asking for it's usual portions." This idea has helped me so many times not to eat. Now instead of stalking the kitchen for food, I think "ahah it is working". Just a thought...

Comment #12

M2M... I really like what you're (or Oprah) saying. that makes a lot of sense. Thanks...

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