Any shopping list for Medifast Diet?

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Quick question... Any shopping list for Medifast Diet? Hoping for any response. Another quick question... So, I was wondering... I love gathering info, so here goes..

I'm 180 and wear a size 12. (5'5.5").

How much do you weigh and what size pants do you wear?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

186 and in a loose 14 but can't quite make it into a 12...

Comment #2

5'5, 170, 10 or a 12, depends on the brand...

Comment #3

I'm 4'11 and a Half...I weigh 223 in a size 18...

Comment #4

I'm 5'5" , weighing in at 162lbs and am comfortably in a twelve. I am all boobs, belly and booty! ") I did try on a size 10 dress today at banana republic and it SWAM on me!!! YES!!!..

Comment #5

I'm 5'6 and at 170-ish pounds I'm wearing anything between a size 10 and size 16.. vanity sizing is nuts! (and one of the many reasons I hate clothing shopping!)..

Comment #6

5'3" 165 pounds, size 10 (sometimes 12...waist is still disproportionately large, throws things off)...

Comment #7

I'm 5' 6/1/2"..I weigh 142 and I am fitting fairly comfortably in a size 8. My goal are the size 6 jeans that are hanging on my bedroom door. I squeezed into them the other night, but definitely am 7 or so lbs from actually wearing them...

Comment #8

I'm 5'5", 160 pounds, and I wear anywhere from a 10-14. It drives me crazy all the different cuts and size differences...

Comment #9

I'm 5'9" and weight 160 as of today. I am an 8 in women's clothing and a 10 in designer type jeans (which run closer to a juniors size?) and a 9 in an actual junior's size. Shirts are small or medium...

Comment #10

5'6", 216.5, size 18 pants, size 18/20 or XXL shirts... thinking I might need to move on to 14/16 shirts in a few pounds..

Comment #11

5'6" 257 lbs size 20 or 22 pants, depending on how tightly the waist is cut. My favorite jeans are always maternity jeans - I wear a 14. Big gut, no butt..

I'm also significantly chesty, so I'll wear a 28 or 3o shirt...

Comment #12

5'10', 146 and I wear anything from a 4 to a 8, depending on brand..

Unfortunately, I am no longer significantly chesty...

Comment #13

5'6", 165 pounds, currently wearing 10's and 12's. The 12's are beginning to feel a bit large in certain cuts/styles...

Comment #14

5'0" Currently in a size 4-6 at 139. I'm aiming for 120 to get back in my 2s...

Comment #15

5"6, 171. I wear from size 8 - 12 depending on the cut, and brand. On the top I am in M-XL depending on the brand and cut...

Comment #16

As of last week (didn't have the courage to weigh myself yesterday!) 5'6", 144, size 6 (rather tight thoughthat's why I'm Medifasting again temporarily!).

BTW anyone realize that when they've taken the weight off and then regained a few, then back down again, that they are slightly larger even though they are the same weight they used to be? That's what's happened to me. Would it be muscle loss then replaced with fat instead?..

Comment #17

5'3", 168, size 14 (slightly snug, but the 16's are too big).

The whole height things kills me. There is NO WAY that I could squeeze my butt into a 12 or lower, no matter the brand..

I tend to carry all of my weight in my butt and thighs. My waist and stomach are smaller and usually there's a big gap in the back of my pants..

One of the "gifts" I've vowed to give myself when I make goal is a good tailor. I have fat upper arms - even when I was at my thinnest (127). NOTHING fits. So instead of 20 ill-fitting shirts, I'm going to have five or ten great shirts. Heck, it's cheaper and less risky than surgery! :-).

Do you guys remember a jeans commercial back in the early 90's that showed a whole line of women walking down the street? The point was that they were all a size 12, but their body shapes and heights were dramatically different?..

Comment #18

I'm 5'8", weigh 189 and am wearing a 14, 16 or 18 pants. I agree the sizing between brands is crazy!..

Comment #19

5'3"/165/Size 14 (a little loose, even before my 5 lbs. drop, but 12 is usually a little too tight)..

Comment #20

5'5" 151lbs size 4-8 depending on the brand. I bought a dress this weekend that was a size Xtra small. Which is bizarre especially considering I am not small framed (I'm medium boned by most tests)..

I'm not sure what size I'll be when I hit goal 16lbs from now. I hope it is not too much smaller, I really like that that dress..

Comment #21


I'm 5'2", 196 lbs, and wear size 20 pants and 1x-2x tops.... shopping for clothes that are not from special plus-size stores is a HUGE motivator for me....I really don't like the clothes I can find and afford in the big lady stores.... I am excited to hit 160 because I know that is when I cross the line to size 14 and much bigger options!!!..

Comment #22

I'm 5'8, weigh 166, and wear a 12 in pants, Medium in tops...

Comment #23

5'9, 225 lbs and between a size 14 & 16 depending on brand. Can't wait til I'm a size 8-10!..

Comment #24

This whole thing is very confusing to me. I am 206 lbs, 5'4" and am wearing size 18 stretch jeans- I still have one pair of size 20s that fit okay. But I was just on LLBean's website looking at clothes and according to their size chart, I wouldn't even fit into a Misses 20 based on my waist measurement (although I'm wearing an XL fleece vest from them that is equivalent to an 18, although it's snug). My guess is that I'm an 18W, which is different from an Misses 18? I think I'm going to have to give up shopping online and try things on (Yuck!)..

Comment #25

While spending over 10 years of being a buyer for a childre's clothing store I was priviledged to go to a manufacturer of jeans and watch them cut the fabric..

This is where the size difference comes into play..

They use stacks of fabric anywhere form 5-12" tall and cut with a lazer. However,just like with cutting multiple pieces of paper the top ones will be the exact size and the bottoms ones will be bigger..

Thus...the size 5/6 bermuda short I had weren't miss sized just overcut. I really like those though. I was weighing about 170 and they fit..

Now I have had to have them tailored to fit..

Even some of my size 8 slacks got a tweeking in the waist. Still need the hip area a little bigger, BUT not as big as 4 months ago..

I am 5'1" 137lbs and wear small in most CHAPS brand dresses, smalls in tops and 8's in bottoms. 6's are just a bit too snug in the panty line area..

I did get crazy and try on a size 3. I could hook the top button hook but not zip them...

Comment #26

It also depends on your body shape. I am pretty much straight up and down when smaller. There is very little defined waist so I can wear smaller stuff. When I am heavy I am a major apple shape. I have to wear much larger shirts than bottoms. Which is why I still need to buy some XL shirts depending on the cut..

When I worked at Old Navy I saw first hand how every pair of jeans fits different due to cut and where in the stack it is located..

I have a size 14 skirt that is just now fitting. It is silk and beautiful. When I was a 14 in everything else, there was no way that it would go over my hips. I mean not even close. Now it goes up, but all my 14's hang on me..

The 10's I have on today are hanging on me also BUT this brand is notoruis for running large. SO..that is not shocking..

I call myself a true size when everything I buy is in that size no matter what brand it is..

Also..if it looks good on you and isn't to big, who cares what the size is...

Comment #27

I'm 5'2" at 192.8 and just bought a size 16!! I have a 14 on stand-by lol..

Comment #28

At 5'5" and 222 I am a size 16 in most jeans (though most of mine do have some stretch) I would say to be fair probably between 16 and 18. I don't have tailored tops so they all stretch (cotton cardigans, cotton tank tops, etc). I usually wear an XL in these...

Comment #29

Wow I still cannot get comfortable in a 14 and I am now at 171 and 5'4" I started in an 18 at 197 lbs..

Comment #30

Vanity sizing is crazy. I have a pair of size 14 Gap jeans from the mid-90s. They are the same size as my new size 12 jeans...

Comment #31

I "was" 200, and wearing an 18 (or baggy 16s if I could fine them).

My pants seem to be shrinking with me though, from the dryer lol. So I can still wear them, they just arent like sausages on me now HAHAHA!.

Im at 190, and I would probably guess I'm a 16 really..

Oh and Im 5'5"..

Comment #32

When I began I was 235 lbs and size 20 W (which is different from a Misses size).

Now I'm 185 and wear a 16 Misses and have one 14 that fits but needs me to lose another 5-10 bls. I am curvy, as in I have small waist and bigger chest and hips..

I am 5'6..

Comment #33

Im 5ft 8 1/2 and I weigh 259....and size 18....2xlxl...just depends where I get my clothes at!..

Comment #34

5'3" and 192.8. Size is ALL OVER the place. I have a pair of Levi's mid rise jeans that are a size 14 and they are baggy, but I tried on some other jeans recently and the 16 fit. Same thing goes with pants, anywhere from a 14 to an 18. Tops are mostly larges now, but sometimes I need an XL. I've got a classic hourglass shape.

I went bra shopping this weekend. I took 4 bras into the dressing room, all the SAME size and similar styles, same designer. Every bra fit differently...

Comment #35

Hi- I'm 268 and my size is whichever is the one that I come out in and the DW doesn't say "Go back in and put on the other one".... seems easy enough to me.....


Comment #36

I'm 5'2", 173 lbs and comfortably in a size 16 in jeans and chino-type pants. In dress pants I'm more in a 14. I tend to carry most of my weight through my waist, hips and thighs...

Comment #37

I am 5'6" and weigh 190 now. In 14's most of the time except my waist is still really big so dresses run more like 16...

Comment #38

So, WOW, seems like there is no rhyme or reason to weight and size when comparing against other individuals. So, my goal is to be a certain size I like myself to be, and not a certain weight. That is my conclusion from analyzing all of the data. LOL.

I'll probably look different now than I did 10 years ago at a certain weight, so size it is. I may just throw out my scales all together...

Comment #39

I am 5'6" and 235 lbs. For pants I am 18 or 20, depending on the brand and cut. For dresses I am 14 to 18 depending on the brand. Skirts I am an 18. For tops 14/16 or XL...

Comment #40

I'm about 5'3", 169.6 lbs and can wear high-waisted size 16 jeans, or low-waisted size 14 jeans. I need to try on 12's. I am comfy in size Large...and Medium isn't far away! Sizing is nuts, but I'm just thankful I can wear lots smaller clothes!..

Comment #41

6' tall, 211 lbs, size 18 pants, L or XL tops..

Comment #42

5', 139 lbs, size 6 (which are getting loose-yay!)..

Comment #43

I'm 5'10 1/2", 223 lbs, I wear a size 36. I don't shop other sizes? The jeans I wear comes in waist and inseams (the buckle) But I could be in a much smaller size if I didn't just have a baby, my belly is balloned right now. Can't wait for that to go away so I can fit into a 34, 33, or maybe a 32! Anyways, Don't know what size that is in the sizes you talk about...

Comment #44

5'2" maintain between 137-139,,size 8 with a couple 6's,in jeans, slacks, with medium tops,and 2 size four sweater/skirt sets (figure they are a fluke, or since same designer, just cut big,,but I like the number!.


Comment #45

I am 5'4 last wiegh in last week was 207 I fit in a 14 (walmart jeans...)...i didn't believe it so when I went shopping with my daughter I tried on a pair in Charlotte Rousse and yep...size 14 fit great!! Im bigger up top though so Im not confiedent enough to try on smaller shirts I am in those 2xl sweatshirts and xxl scrubs (Im an MA so I live in those at work)..

Comment #46

I'm 5' 9" and currently at 206. I can wear 16 or 18 in misses and 17 in juniors, depending on the brand, and usually an L or XL on top. I don't know what size I am in women's anymore. Once I could fit into the misses sizes I decided to avoid buying clothes in the plus size section just on principle. It feels SO good to be able to shop in the "regular" clothes!..

Comment #47

I'm 6' and weigh 188. I just graduated into a size 12...

Comment #48

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