Any recipes to spruce up Medifast chicken soup?

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Anyone out there have a way to improve the flavor of the chicken and wild rice soup. Or a recipe. I have some left and really need to spruce it up. Thanks...

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Your question was: Any recipes to spruce up Medifast chicken soup?.

I wasnt a big fan of the soups but have been adding a half a cup of seasoned green beans and this gives it a stew texture and makes it sooo yummy!!..

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There are only two Medifast meals I didn't like, the Diabetic Stawberry and the Chicken and Wild Rice. The Diabetic Strawberry I stomached until it was gone. Waste not want not. LOL. But the Chicken and Wild Rice, I sadly just couldn't do it, but I decided to Add HOT Sauce to it and WOW, gives it a Whole new flavor. It makes it one of my favorites NOW! Kind of my Version of a Medifast Meal that is like Buffalo Chicken Soup! It's a stretch but, it works for me.

Best of Luck. Dan..

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Any advice for the Beef Veggie Stew? I can't choke that stuff down, but I'm such a cheapskate...I can't throw it out!..

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One of the big things that people sometimes hate about some of the soups is that the stuff doesn't rehydrate enough. If there's crunchy bits in your soup and that's turning you off, try letting it sit for 5-15 minutes to better rehydrate..

Personally, I love the beef stew and enjoy all 3 chicken long as it's seasoned properly. I usually use garlic and onion powder, which spruces things up nicely. Alternatively, particularly for beef stew, you could add a dash of Montreal Steak seasoning...

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I love the green Tobasco sauce. I use it in all the soups. Especially the Chicken and Wild Rice, Beef Stew and chili..

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Beef Stew = I add a splash of Worchestire sauce.

Chicken w/wild rice = I add lemon pepper seasoning and/or a squeeze of fresh lemon...

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Thanks for all the ideas, I will try them all until that soup is gone. As Dan said, waste not want not...

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I make it into a stuffing a la Stove Top. Crush the chicken and rice in the magic bullet. In a pan sprayed with a little Nutrisystem spray (or 1/2 tsp of Smart Balance if you didn't have a fat serving yet) saute 1 tbsp onion (condiment) or 1 tbsp scallion (more acceptable). Remove from heat. Add the soup powder along with some garlic powder, powdered chicken boullion (to taste), and enough water just so it comes together like stuffing. I usually put this in some foil and let it sit in the oven about 10 minutes while my chicken is fully done roasting and is resting.

Update: Sorry, I forgot to add the poultry seasoning. Add that when you are adding the garlic powder...

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I usually add a little extra water, some bouillon and some Tabasco. I also mix it up ahead of time and let it sit in the fridge. I mix it at work in the AM when I get there and have it later in the day, usually PM snack. It's actually one of my favorites!..

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I used to love this stuff when I first started...not so much now. Great suggestions here...especially like the faux stuffing one...on how to use it up. I'm so glad someone asked!..

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Amethystia: your recipe sounds delicious!.

For a fast fix, I add a little cajun seasoning and/or garlic. I've also added a small amount of tomato salsa (about 1 tablespoon - counts as condiment/seasoning) to the stew which gives it a little substance, too...

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I buy those small ziploc containers with the blue twist tops that are microwaveable...they're great for mixing and transporting the soups to work. I mix them up the night before so by the time I heat them up the next day there are no more hard pieces and the soups actually seem thicker and hardier...

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Hey guys! I'm new (3rd day), and I too was a little underexcited with the chicken and wild rice soup. I added chili powder, garlic powder, 1/2 cube vegetable bullion, cumin, black pepper and a pinch of cayenne, with some chopped fresh cilantro on top (with the specified 1 cup water). I made it on the stove and let it boil, so as to reduce it a little. It's like a Mexican chicken soup; so good now! (Sorry, I'm the type who throws in a pinch of this, a pinch of that, so I don't have exact measurements, just do it to taste; let your taste buds guide you )..

Anyways, love these boards, and look forward to continue to see new, great ideas!..

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I add a teaspoon of Walden Farms asian dressing. Sounds weird, but it WORKS!..

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Add a bit of dry chicken broth to it or a bit of your lean chicken...

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I wasnt a big fan of the soups but have been adding a half a cup of seasoned green beans and this gives it a stew texture and makes it sooo yummy!!..

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