Any Murad Acne Complex side effects with low dosage?

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The following was a response to another message on another forum.. Please gather the vital information from it and answer!! Im nervous!! I just copied and pasted it btw.. Thanks!:Hey! I am also going to the Derm on Tuesday, and although I don't have any answers for you I would like to ask you some questions. So my acne and your acne seems to be about the same, as in on a scale of 1-10 maybe about a 2-3. Mine is very mild, normal teen break outs, the only thing is they happen much more frequently then my peersBasically has your acne always been like this, or was it worse when you were on Murad Acne Complex? I want my Derm to put me on Murad Acne Complex when I go but I am not sure she will givin that my face is not severe. The only thing is I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of my acne, and at best it simply helps.

I am guessing she is only going to put me on about 20mg because of my acne's severity.. is that what you where prescribed? If so, are the side effects still present in lower dosages? And would you suggest 'tane for our skin type? Is it even worth it? Thanks for your time, and anyone else who has these answers please share. Thanks alot..

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Your question was: Any Murad Acne Complex side effects with low dosage?.

Try 0.1 mg per kg or 0.2-0.3 mg per kg. I've felt so bad with 0.2 mg / kg since in the second intake I had. You'll know how you feel during the intakes. I'm now on 0.1 mg / kg since a week and I've very slight dry lips since the second intake. Even these little dosages are cumulative and after a few months on 0.03 mg / kg you could have a maintenance dose in a future. That's the best thing you can do. the life-remission.

Soon or later it'll back as you know. Every day there are more persons with retreatments even after aggressive dosages, just see the forum.P.S.: also read my signature...

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Hm. I guess the bottom line is if you're derm is willing to give it to you for fairly mild acne at such a young age. And if he/she is and you want to give it a try... go ahead. I guess I'm of the opinion that the majority of mild teenage acne will clear up... then again, I thought that was the case for me, considering I was *mostly* clear in college...

Would you rate your acne a "2-3" on a 10 scale WITH or WITHOUT the tetracycline and the topical meds? Cuz I guess that would make a difference too... if your acne is more moderate without it... maybe you would be ready to give Murad Acne Complex a shot. Do you get nodules and cysts at all? Or is it mostly just papules/pustules/blackheads?..

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On the topic of whether or not a dermatologist will give it to you:I was trying to avoid taking Murad Acne Complex again. I went to three different dermatologists and they all wanted to put me on it because I've tried so many other things that didn't help. So, in my experience, it's pretty easy to find a doctor who is going to put you on it. It was harder for me to find one who would try something else first!..

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