Any Hashimoto's Thyroiditis sufferers on Medifast?

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Just wondering how others with autoimmune thyroid disease do on this plan...

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Thank-you. That is what I needed to know! It looks like you managed to lose at a decent pace in spite of it. I have had such a hard time with food lately that I am becoming afraid that I am broken. This is really a last ditch effort for me...

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You can do it! Just stay completely on plan and do the 45 minutes of exercise a day. All I did was walk, walk, walk. I would not have gotten to goal without moving I don't think. Toward the end I got a bit crazy with skiing and ice skating, but that slowed the losses. All you need to do is walk!!! But it is imperative, especially with the Hashis...

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More Hashi's here :-).

I take my Levoxyl at night, just so I don't run into the absorption problems (soy binds with the medicine, rendering it useless to our bodies). My weight loss pace is within the Medifast guidelines it doesn't fall off like it seems to for some people, but by any other diet's standards, it ROCKS (if I do say so myself! ;-). I had two times this summer where I couldn't follow the program very well (one, an intense period of exercise over several days, the other, a cruise), and the losses slowed, but all the 100% "on" weeks, I'm losing at a rate that is pleasing to me personally! :-).

I do tire easily, and have for years... I suspect there's plenty we don't all yet know about thyroid and other autoimmune disorders, but overall, it's no worse on this program.

Welcome, and enjoy the program! It's really been a good thing for me; I was sure I "couldn't" lose weight, as though the laws of thermodynamics somehow didn't apply to me. Ha ha :-)..


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It sure can feel that way sometimes! Thanks for responding. You have all helped me feel a bit better...

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I'm a hashi person too! I am always tired and cold and joints ache (and I'm only 32!!!). I am doing this on recommendation of my doctor, so it can't be that bad, right? I still take my synthroid in the morning, and all my levels are fine (and no type II). Glad to meet ya'll!..

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Another Hashi's here, too. I was concerned about the soy problem, too. Are you really supposed to wait a few hours after your meds before you have a shake? I just started a couple of days ago, so I'm still "tweeking" things. I gained about 35 pounds in the last 1 1/2 years between thyroid problems and I quit smoking. I will be celebrating my 2 years "clean" from ciggies next month. I never thought I'd be able to quit.

I did Optifast with Oprah and then got pregnant. I did Medifast about 2 years ago, and then got side tracked. But I'm back. I know I'll be so much happier with this weight off. I actually like the shakes because I don't like having to make decisions on what to pack for lunch or snack on.

My endo said don't worry about the soy. His nurse said don't have soy in large quantites. Would the shakes be considered a large quantity? I'm thinking not. Who know. There's so many different opinions..

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I have Hashimoto's too. I do lose, but slow. I tend to lose a bit faster in the beginning, but still much slower than people without thyroid issues. I have a lot of plateaus too.

My Endo told me that if I eat any soy products, to eat them at least 3-4 hours after I take my medication. I was also told to take my medication on an empty stomach and wait 45 minutes to 1 hour before eating non-soy foods & taking any other medications or supplements. I'm on 150 mcg of Levothyroxine..

Best wishes to you on your Medifast journey!..

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My Dr. said to not worry about the soy issue then come in after about 3 weeks on the program to have blood work done and we'll decide from there...

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I seem to collect auto immune diseases...I have Hashimoto's, Raynaud's, pernicious anemia, and lupus. Just started MF...

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I have Hashi's as well...I take my Levo at night right before bedtime so it doesn't interfere with my soy intake. My endocrinologist approved Medifast and said he didn't forsee any negative side effects. I have been on for a little over a month and have lost 15.5 lbs. Gained about 80 lbs as a result of Hashi's...grrr. But I am on my way to being slim again..

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So glad to hear this information. I have hashi and have struggled with much more with my weight since diagnosised. I did not know about this issue with soy - so really appreciate the information. I see my Dr. this weekend and will ask his recommendations for taking Rx. I am determined to reach my goal weight...

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The connections between soy and thyroid meds are well known. (See the Stop the Thyroid Madness website: [and many other sources]) If he / she just wants you to struggle a bit to then check your levels and then prescribe a higher dose to counteract, well, that seems like an inefficient workaround to me. Were I you, I would get a second opinion...

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I suffer from Hashimoto's along with some other really annoying things but I'm so glad to read about possibly taking the meds at night. I will try this! I was worried with the soy.....

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I've only been on Medifast for 2 weeks but I'm happy with the weight loss so far... I prefer the Medifast eggs for breakfast so I probably am inadvertently avoiding the soy foods for at least 4 hours after my meds...

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I am happy to see others with Hypo on this forum, I have struggled for many, many years keeping weight off, and gain weight so fast it's wrong... I take Armour Thyroid -and feel better, but I too am tired, lacking energy, but attribute this to the weight. I would like to keep I touch with any of you for tips, suggestins, I'm just starting here, 3rd day...

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I have Hashimoto's and have lost 140 lbs (25 to go) and kept that weight off for over 3 years.... I take my levoxyl when I wake up at 3 am to go to the bathroom (every darn night) and I also make my first meal and my last meal a NON soy meal.....

It can be done... hang in there..

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My endo recommended MF, and I had no idea that it could interfere with my meds. I been dealing with hashis diagnosed for 2 years, but undiagnosed for almost 10 years. I've gained 100lbs, so I have a long way to go but I know I can do it!..

Comment #17

Just saw my Endro this weekend. He told me no problem with the Medifast and Levoxyl. Good Luck...

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Hi all,.

I'm hypothyroid (Hashimoto) taking Synthroid. I lost 40+ pounds (goal) on Medifast. I've been in maintenance for almost a year with an occasional "tune up" here and there. Just want to chime in that it can be done! It may be a bit slower but it's worth it!.

I have a question: Does anyone else have real issues with water weight retention if you have extra carbs? If I'm eating more carbs than ususal, like during the holidays, I can easily gain 2 pounds a day...and keep gaining! It comes off fairly quickly if I go back into ketosis but it's really annoying. I can get a really puffy face and ankles. My TSH and other levels are normal. Just curious....


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I have hashimoto's too. I lost 68 lbs on Medifast last year. It's the only plan that has ever worked for me! Unfortunately I'm back losing over 1/2 of what I lost because I went off plan and gained it back.

This time, my goal is not only to lose the weight but to make this a lifestyle change and keep it off.

I am on very little synthroid at this time and doing well. I do get very puffy and retain water and get very tight fingers but while on Medifast it is much better..


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Hello..I'm new to this forum. I have Hashimoto's Disease, as well as few other Autoimmune problems. Just want to say hang in there and good luck to all...

Comment #21

I have it too Hashi hypo thyroid.

I lost 80 lbs and made goal.

This is the only thing that would take any weight off.

Good luck to you!..

Comment #22

Anyone who has hashimoto's also have any eye problems?????? I have and am thinking they are related,,, will go see my endo in a couple of months... just wondering if others do too..

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Just dx with hashimotohow long does the meds take to kick in??.


Comment #24


I have hashimoto's as well-.

Does the soy in the Medifast products really interfear with the meds??.

Thanks and good luck!!!..

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Mom12.... it usually takes about a month, but it all depends, you probably have to go back for bloodwork to have levels checked and then perhaps meds adjusted, that is what happened to me anyway.... took three different adjustments.....

Soy... as long as you take your med a few hours before having a soy meal... try having one that is made of hot cocoa, or the antioxident shakes, or cappucino in the morning...


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Many many thanks!!.

I just ordered cocoa and cappucino!!..

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I have this too. I take synthroid (lowest dose) and seem to control well. I do have joint pain off and on (my hands especially) my grandma had rheumatoid arthritis at my age so I'm always fearful of that. My mom had Hashimoto's and had her thyroid removed when a young adult. I'm doing okay though, and I'm new to MF. Looks like bedtime will be my pill time now. (I've not been good at taking them but I need all the help I can get LOL!)..

Comment #28

Wow. I'm learning so much being a MFer. For years I thought I was all alone..

Now, after reading threads on many forums, I feel I have friends with the same problems and everyone is so helpful..

I posted this on another one - maybe you can give advice here as well..

Being confused,.

I know I am.

Thyroid Cancer/Thyroidectomy/Hashimoto's/Levothyroxine/over 10 years.

So, how do I know if I am hypo? My next appt is in April..

Can you gals help with advice?.

Happy Weekend!..

Comment #29

Plus, as my pic shows, I have alopecia. Is that a sign of hypo?..

Comment #30

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this site will be very informative for you: (See Stop the Thyroid Madness website:

Comment #31

If I could remove the above post I would.

I have my answers. Found answer last night...

Comment #32

I have Hashi's as well.

I am awaiting my first shipment and got worried for a minute because after daydreaming about finally losing weight, I remembered the reason why it's so difficult for me to lose it.

This thread is definitely reassuring!..

Comment #33

I have Hashimoto Thyroiditis, and with 88 mcg of synthroid my TSH stays between 1 and 2. As long as my TSH is normal, I (and my endocrinologist) consider me euthyroid, that is, "normal" - or medicated to normal. I'm not "hypothyroid" as long as I take my meds, which I religiously do...

Comment #34

Hi Ladies, I'm new the forum but not new to Medifast or Hashi's.

I was diagnosed while pregnant with my baby. I had it before I got pregnant, I just didn't know why I was always sooo cold.

Before I was diagnosed, I was eating a raw and living foods diet, (Not raw meat), and I was able to lose 20lbs with very high TSH levels.

For me, losing weight isnt' the issue...It's controlling my eating.

Right now I'm eating low carb while I'm waiting for my Medifast to come. We're also going on vacation next week to Puerto Rico. I'm hoping to eat low carb. and stick to that while on vacation. I'll be starting the Medifast the day we return, which is the day before Easter.


You can lose weight when you have Hashi...Especially if your tsh numbers are within normal range...

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I've been on Synthroid forever. Constantly increasing dosage. I met with my Endo yesterday and requested that we change things up. They took blood work and once that comes back we will plan our attack. (Yes, I have visted the link.).

My symtoms are many but my major concern is lack of energy, depression, loss of hair and loss of sex drive. Don't I sound like a winner - LOL!.

I have requested to being switch to Armour but the company is experiencing some production issues so unless my script is a combo of full and half dosages I'm out of luck. I may end up taking Synthroid and Cytomel..

Either way, I would love to get some feed back on peoples experiences with Armour or the addition to Cytomel to their Synthroid..

Thanks a bunch!..

Comment #36

Hi Everyone,.

I have hashi and have been doing Medifast for a two weeks. I was thinking of trying a thermogenic from GNC , just to help.

Does anyone know if it will cause any problems??..

Comment #37

I'm on cytomel and synthyroid...

175 synthyroid and 25 cytomel, I take daily..

My levels remain at 0.10, if I get higher than what I can't function...

Its not as good as armour you can't locate armour any longer in Ga..

I'm starting Medifast as soon as my order comes in..

I've ordered low/no lactose and non soy products...

I only ordered a couple of boxes that have soy.. so hopefully i'll be good at avoiding soy during medication time...

Thanks for the thread.. it was very informative....

Comment #38

As long as you take your Synthroid (or whatever medicine you're on, levoxyl, etc) daily, on an empty stomach early in the morning, and have your doctor check your TSH levels every few months because they can change as your weight and metabolism changes, you should be fine. At least every 6 months I'd ask doc for a T-4 and T-3 blood test also, just to be sure everything is in balance. If your med is adjusted right away when fluctuations occur, preferably by SMALL increments (.12.5 not .25), your endocrine system will be in balance and also adjust in sync with your diet...

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I have Hashimoto as well as a recently diagnosed PMR (Poly Myalgia Rheumatica) which is treated with a low dose of prednisone(10mg)Each month I have to decrease my dose by 1 mg. Prednisone has the unfortunate side effect of increased appetite so I've gained 10 pounds in the last two months. I too can not get Armour so I'm on synthroid..

When ordering my food I forgot all about the problem with soy. Do you think it's okay for me to continue with the food or should I order only non-soy products? I just started the program yesterday and lost three pounds the first day. I was really hungry last night, but managed to hang in...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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