Any diabetics with success with Medifast?

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I will try and make this brief....

My mom is 71.

Type 2 DM since ? 40ish..

As her insulin dose has increased, so has her weight..

She is on insulin and ?metformin..

She met with a Medifast coach who is also a nurse..

Mom was sooooo excited to try a plan that might.

Actually help her get some weight off so that she.

Might have less discomfort in her hips and knees..

She went to go see her doctor who told her she could.

Do whatever she wanted to do but medifast is a waste.

Of her money. He said if anyone follows the correct diet and exercise plan, they can lose weight without spending all that money..

She is from the generation that thinks doctor knows everything and she listens to him..

She is now very bummed and "doesnt want to waste her money and not get any excess weight off..

I am on the plan and love this diet..

Its easy to follow and is teaching me some great eating habits for the future..

Any ideas?.

If you are diabetic, and you have been successful so far, will you please share in this post your success..

My mom is coming over next week monday to read some posts off my computer from diabetics. (she doesnt own or know how to use a computer.).

I would love for her to see all the DM 2's out there who are succeeding on this plan..


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Your mom respects a doctor's opinion? Great. Then show her this:.

Medifast Outperforms Recommended ADA Diet.

Medifast announced February 11, 2008 that a study performed at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health showing that Medifast outperformed the recommended American Diabetes Association diet by twice the weight loss and twice the compliance was published in the January/February issue of The Diabetes Educator, the official journal of the American Association of Diabetes Educators..

More Information.

Researchers from a major medical center conducted an 86-week diabetic weight loss study comparing the Medifast weight loss program to the standard American Diabetes Association (ADA) diet plan.

Participants randomized to receive Medifast lost twice as much weight and were twice as compliant with the diet as participants following a standard diet based on the dietary guidelines of the ADA. Approximately 40% of the Medifast participants lost >5% of their initial weight compared with 12% of those on the standard.

ADA diet.

Additionally, 24% of Medifast users decreased or eliminated their diabetes medication compared to 0% on the standard ADA diet. Participants in the Medifast group achieved significantly lower levels of fasting glucose, insulin and HbA1c, lipids and blood pressure after losing weight..

This study affirms that people with type 2 diabetes are more likely to stick with the Medifast Program, lose more weight and improve their health..

Here is the Medifast Diabetic Guide.

And finally, a sheet she can share with her doctor, who certainly means well, but apparently does not have all the information:.


Comment #1

Nice work LambChop! I wish I would have had that sheet when I went to my doc! I took in the whole guide!..

Comment #2

I am 40 and was recently diagnosed at T2. My blood sugar was 450 in the office and a week later fasting was 153. I have been on Medifast one month exactly and I rarely get readings over 100. (maybe 105-110). I am on Meformin.

I go to the center her in Dallas, and they take my blood pressure each time and do a body scan once a month. It is a lot of money, but I made a 94 week commitment to be there each week, and I have to do this for me and my kids!..

Comment #3

Thank you guys sooo much. Keep the good stuff coming! She will be over in 3 days. I cannot wait to show her all the good stuff I have found on the discussion boards!!!..

Comment #4

Hi Carlycass,.

The advice Kelly, LambChop and my purple teammate Marni have given is marvelous! I wish the best for your mom and continued success for you! Here is my story:.

I've been diabetic since I was 20 years old, and I've battled weight almost all of my life. I was diet controlled (not very successfully) for years and ended up on insulin in my early 30's..

My Medifast journey began in January of this year. I have a friend who works for the same company but in a different city. I knew she had started a diet before Thanksgiving 2008 and she had already lost about 30 lbs. I finally asked her what diet she was using and she shared the news with me. I was elated, because I was at my wit's end, thinking I would have to have some sort of gastric intervention to get the weight off. At this time, I had outgrown the 50 unit syringes and had to go to the larger, 100 unit ones.

I contacted my doctor and told him about Medifast and said I wanted to try it as a last-ditch effort. He contacted the nutritionist and they agreed I could try it, but I had to be sure to drink enough water so my kidneys wouldn't be stressed..

I happily ordered my food and started on February 11, 2009. I've lost 69.8 lbs as of this morning and I couldn't be happier! I am totally off insulin now. With my doctor's help and advice, I started out by cutting my dose in half since I would only be eating less than 1/2 the calories I normally ate. My blood sugars dropped rapidly as the days went on. I never felt deprived and have stuck pretty rigidly to the program. I had a few bumps along the way - insulin reactions when my sugars dropped too fast.

I exercise at Curves 3 times a week, and take my dog on long walks at least twice a week. Housework usually takes up the rest of exercising. I'm even starting to lower my metformin now, going from 2 tablets twice a day to 1-1/2 twice a day. On the days I go to Curves, I only take 1 tablet at dinner. My regular doctor is thrilled with the progress and so is my cardiologist!.

My losses are slowing down now as I am getting closer to my goal. Only 28 lbs to go, and I know I'll make it! The support from my team is marvelous, and so is that of my health coach. It is worth all the effort and all the money I've invested in myself and my health. Please feel free to PM me if you have questions. I'll be happy to answer back..

Best regards,..

Comment #5

I was diagnosed with type 2 a couple of years ago. Tried to lose weight several times ...with no success. Found Medifast in January and started in February. My fasting blood sugar is now normal. I still take metformin but my doctor says that if I can keep losing I may be able to get off of it. I have lost over 50 pounds and I do not see any reason why I can't get that to be 100!! Tell your mom to do it!..

Comment #6

Thank you Jomarie and Jackie..

Mom is coming over tomorrow to see the discussion boards and see me...she hasn't seen me since I was 10 lbs heavier. I will be having her taste some medifast meal samples and making her some shirataki noodles. I am loving those. Feel like Im eating pasta again, without all the carbs!!! I have learned lots of new and healthy meals for when it comes time to transition. I love spagetti squash, zucchini ribbons and shrimp and chix shirataki sesame noodles...

Comment #7

Hi Carlycass,.

I'm so sorry that your mother is discouraged in this way. I do not have diabtetes, but my mother has Type 2. The reason that I started Medifast is because of her!.

She called me up several months ago and told me about this plan that her doctor had recommended because she was having such a hard time losing the weight. So, she started it and told me about it and honestly, I was skeptical. Medifast went against everything that I had ever learned from nutritionists, etc. Fast forward to May when I saw her for Mother's Day. I couldn't believe it! She looked awesome! I hadn't seen her looking so young and fit and vibrant in a long time. She also told me that she was able to stop taking the Metformin because of all the weight loss..

Well, after that, call me a believer! It's hard, but it works if you stick to it. And I recently read that people that follow a low calorie diet live longer. Bonus!.

I'd also may be worth mentioning that she has one functioning lung to to her heart surgery for a genetic heart condition, severe asthma, high blood pressure, etc. etc. and Medifast has been safe and effective for her..

My best to you and yours..

Comment #8

This sounds like the msg board for me...I'm type 2 diabetic, and on 7 different prescriptions. I'm in week 2 and have been completely on plan the whole time. However, I only lost .5 the first week! Concerned about this week. I have a hard time staying motivated with no results. But I've committed to a 96 week plan with 81 lbs to lose, so I have to figure it out. My counselor thinks the jolt to my system along with the meds is causing the problem, and will straighten itself out. Anyone else have an experience like this?..

Comment #9

I do! I do! I have been on plan for 4 weeks now and only lost 8 lbs, so I understand the frustration you feel when the scale doesn't move the way you want it to. I'm also on meds - 6 different things including Lantus at night. I truely believe that all these meds are hindering my ability to lose weight quickly. The true miracle of Medifast for me has been the amazing results I'm seeing in my blood sugar. I have dropped from the range of 300 fasting, to almost normal results (87-120) in the morning, and normal (under 140) after meals. I spent the last 2 years on all these meds and never saw the kind of drop I'm seeing now with MF.

Anyway- I see the doctor on the 9th, and I can't wait to see what her reaction is to the blood sugar readings. I'm also hoping maybe she will cut down the meds so maybe I can become a faster loser. Finally - I'm also moving to the 4-2 this week to see if by some chance the rapid decrease in calorie intake is contributing to my slower losses. The Diabetic guide mentions that Type 2 folks might do better eating two full lean and greens and 4 Medifast meals. I don't know if it will make a difference, but it sure doesn't hurt to try!.


Comment #10

Thanks kfancii...that makes me feel a little better. My blood sugar has been in the nineties all this week. So that's definitely progress! let me know if the 4-2 helps...sounds logical that it might. Hang in there...Brenda..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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