Any diabetics just doing Medifast shakes?

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Vicki000 - I do mostly shakes. I am trying to keep my carbs at about 70 so I do the diabetic shakes, cream of broccoli and cream of chicken soups. A treat for me is the chili or a bar if I've been exercising and my BS is low..

Are you trying to keep your carbs down?..

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Your question was: Any diabetics just doing Medifast shakes?.

Make sure to discuss calorie levels, blood sugar monitoring and medication monitoring with your physician. Your doctor may want you to start at a higher calorie level at the onset of the program. Dropping your calories too fast at the onset of the program can effect blood sugar levels...

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Hi Sandy, yes i'm going to try to keep my carbs down. I only ordered the diabetic shakes I didnt order any of the food. thank you for your reply. Looking forward to meeting alot of buddies in the same boat...

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Hi Lisa C~ I guess i'll have to play things by ear right now with just beginning the MF. I may have to do the same next time. Thank you for your reply. Cant wait to start meeting Medifast buddies...

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Thank's for the input, I will make sure to talk to my Dr. about it...

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I do a shake in the morning, but eat the rest of the Medifast stuff. The only Medifast itme that my doctor didn't want me to try, was the fruit drinks. So, I didn't order them..

I do have a Medifast bar each day, and everything that I've ordered is NOT the Diebetic Medifast stuff. My doctor approved of this. Right after my appnt, I drove home, and ordered the Medifast stuff right away!!!.

When I log in my meals, and look at the pie chart at the end of the day and I see that the most 'item' is the protien, then carbs, then fat. Ha ha ha...I bet before the MF, it was carbs, fat, THEN protien!!!..

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My doctor wanted me to stay on a 1200 calorie diet due to the diabetes. I do the 5 + 1 plan and add more food to the lean & green. I don't usually get to the 1200 calories, but I try to come close. That's where the 'logging my meal' really helps, you can see where you are.

I am losing - not as fast as some, but not as slow as others. I have been on Medifast for 2 1/2 months and I've lost 19 pounds and am almost to my first mini-goal. Since I am on the extra calories I do exercise ( walking my dogs - good for them AND for me!). I am very happy the way things are going and my doctor is too..

I did think about doing only shakes, but now I don't feel that it is necessary. I am losing and I feel great.

Are you doing only shakes, and how is it going for you?.

Sally K...

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Hello all,.

SallyK, I am doing about what you are in the 1200 calorie range. Have been on the program 9 months and have lost 90 lbs. so it is working for me, too.

Tk241beth, did your doctor mention why he did not want you including the drinks on the program? Just curious.

Hope you all have a healthy happy weekend. I think fall is finally here, I love this weather..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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