Any celebrities that endorse Medifast?

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Why we don't see any celebrities endorsing Medifast?? Obviously we all know how wonderful Medifast is.. I'm just surprised that J.C, W.W. and all those other sub-standard (in my opinion) diets get all the celebrity endorsements and Medifast hides in the shadows? If I knew about Medifast BEFORE I tried all the rest - it definitely would have been the one that I chose first. I can pinpoint in detail what I did not like about all those other diets (and I've tried plenty), but I honestly cannot find one thing to complain about with Medifast. Aside from the fact that it took me 7 years to finally stumble across it.

Just wondering.....

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Medifast doesn't need endorsements I think because of word of mouth success. I think those other plans don't really have that. MF's success is it's best advertising and I think they know that...

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I think there is a lot bigger social stigma associated with pre-packaged foods like Medifast (I know other plans also have some prepackaged food, but you add a lot more to it, in my understanding). I also think the word "fast" has some negative connotations in current diet marketing and that Medifast still hasn't done a good job of overcoming the "Oh, is that the all shakes diet?" thing.

In short, I don't think Medifast is as widely known or socially acceptable as some of the other programs, so I think it would be harder to get a celebrity sponsor, which of course - is a self-perpetuating cycle!..

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Well, 2-3 years ago it was endorsed by Jenny McCarthy and Geanie Francis (sp?). They both had public blogs here.


Oops, was it Jenny McCarthy? No, I think it was Kristi Swanson, not Jenny McCarthy. I'm sure someone will correct me...

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Celebrities have a bigger mouthpiece and more visibility but their celebrity makes it so hard for me to relate to them on a common level. The success of the "real" people in our lives ....our family, friends, neighbors and co-workers is a much more powerful and personal endorsement. I hope Medifast NEVER uses celebrities to endorse this program...

Comment #4

They also dont carry the marketing budget that other plans do.....

Comment #5

Well, one of the football coaches around here used Medifast; he just earned ACC coach of the year awards. He's somewhat of a celebrity...

Comment #6

The people they feature are celebrity enough, they're real, don't have personal trainers, cooks, assistants, unlimited budgets, tax write offs for weight loss, etc. I'd much rather have "ordinary folks" standing up as a representative of 'me' than any actor or sport figure, hands down..

*-(\ /).

=( '.' )=..

Comment #7

Genie Francis and Kristie Swanson were indeed "official" spokespeople for MF. I think that was in 2007-2008? I remember following Genie's Medifast journey and, just a bit later, Kristie's...

Comment #8

Ok, so I can't believe I'm admitting this, but I did read in her blog, that Jacqueline, one of the housewives of NJ, used Medifast to lose her baby weight. That's not an endorsement, per se., I'm still laughing that I'm admitting I read her blog...

Comment #9

I saw the Medifast packets on her kitcken counter in one of the episodes...

Comment #10

I'm not impressed or encouraged to use any diet just because a celebrity endorses it. They get paid to use it, we don't. I would rather hear from 'real' people doing this and people I work with rather than a celebrity. By the way, Jenny McCarthy just did WW about a year ago. I did the same thing, lost more than her and even had a full page in the June 2008 WW magazine, a WW book, and on their website. She just makes a heck of a lot more money than me, but I became somewhat of a celebrity here in my hometown...

Comment #11

I agree that I'd rather see "regular people" instead of celebrities. Celebrities have personal trainers, personal chefs, personal everything..

I want to see someone just like me succeed. Given the same tools and lifestyle that I have...

Comment #12

I just met with a personal trainer the other day so the including this in with non real people activities sorta bothers me. Personal trainers arent that expensive. Okay, I will not be working with them all of the time, but getting a few sessions with one is not going to ruin your bank account. I was just having a tinge of guilt and needed to voice it (haha.)..

Comment #13

They're expensive. It's a choice about how to allocate marketing funds...

Comment #14

Considering that in my opinion, most celebrities are a bundle of bad decisions, I may not of actually tried it, had it been endorsed by someone from Hollyweird..


Comment #15

As a personal trainer who is walking the walk right now, I appreciate your sentiment. The vast majority of my clients are totally normal people (at least financially)...

Comment #16

I'm really happy that Medifast doesn't use celebrities-I'm sure the cost of the food would go up! I was actually surprised at how low the cost is. I tried JC a few years and and the food alone was $500 month, plus I had to buy dairy, fruits and veggies. Now, they've stopped the rewards program so it's even more expensive and when I called them before I found Medifast I realized my grocery budget for one dieting girl would be about $700+ a month!!!! There was no way I could that...

Comment #17

I don't think they need it. Save the $$. I was very skeptical of the plan but I knew so many people who did it and were successful, so I tried it. Once I started I went to a meeting with various community leaders and business people. There were about 15 people there. When I mentioned I was starting this - seriously half the people in the room said how they either we on or had done the plan.

It is boggling my mind how many people I have met that are doing or have succeeded on the plan - It seems like half the town. I am loving the plan btw, I just wish I had found it 15 years ago...

Comment #18

Locally (and I am in MD - home of Medifast HQ) there was the University of MD football coach - Ralph Freegent (if I spelled that correctly) who lost 100 pounds, and several local Disc Jockeys have lost weight on the program and do commercials locally. That may be how my DH heard of Medifast (it was his idea for us to do the program). I think the word about Medifast does spread pretty well by mouth. Medifast does seem to advertise alot in magazines too, that is where I get my coupon codes each month...

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Yep, that's how I found out about it. The DJ's I listen to on my morning commute lost about 50 pounds each a couple of years ago and that piqued my interest. When I finally decided losing weight "my way" was too slow, Medifast was the first thing I tried. I'd say their marketing was pretty effective in my case. And finding DJs that need to lose weight is probably pretty easy..

Comment #20

Maybe it's to keep its"medical" image prominent. I am just guessing. Another thing could be they dont want to pay the endorsement fee??? I have thought about this too...

Comment #21

My town has exploded with people being on MF! Everytime I turn around someone is telling me they are on it. It doesn't need advertisement. Word of mouth is the best way to get it out there...

Comment #22

Add me to the group that's glad it's not celebrity endorsed. I'd rather see real people and real results, not people who live in a vacuum during their time on plan..

And with regard to the personal trainer thing - I used to have a membership to Ballys and took up a trainer's offer of a free session. In telling me about the cost, and how it's worth it, she pointed to a girl who was working with her trainer and said that she took out a second mortgage to pay for a year of training and found it totally worth it. Needless to say, it was the first and last time I met with a personal trainer. And while I know that she's just an idiot, it kinda reinforces why people put personal trainer up there with personal chef..

Comment #23

I posted about Friedgen (the correct spelling) too. He's the reason I found MF...and went on to lose 85 pounds...

Comment #24

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