Any breast cancer survivors doing Medifast?

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Are there any breast cancer survivors here on MF?..

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I am not a breast cancer survivor, but I am a nurse that works with several. Be sure to tell your oncologist about starting MF. Because it is soy based (and estrogen loves soy), I have a had a few of my patients tell me the MD has said this diet is strictly forbidden. I hope it is not the case with you, but be careful, and good luck..

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I am a breast cancer survivor. DCIS diagnosed 3/26/10, R breast mastectomy + reconstruction 4/22/10. My cancer was hormone-positive. However, my oncologist said new research had been completed indicating it was now okay to consume a soy-based diet and she gave her blessing for me to begin this diet...

Comment #2

I am thyroid cancer survivor. I am a bit concerned about the soy in this diet, but I feel pretty good. When I see the Endo in September I will double check...but at that point I doubt I'll stop..

God Bless all of you on your battles & wins against cancer :-)..

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Hey Nursgirl, I have triple negative breast cancer (estrogen, progesterone and HER 2 negative). I have also recently had a double mastectomy to reduce my chance of a new breast cancer. I will mention it though, thanks...

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Hey well unlike you all I am currently battling with breast cancer and I have 6 more chemo treatments left until I hit remission (I hope so).

Mine started with lymphoma, and the spread which caused me to get Breast Cancer now!.

But Im a fighter and havent given up and I refuse to give up!..

Comment #5

FYI to all breast cancer survivors and your concern about soy intake: The latest research is outlined in an article on the MD Anderson website, stating that consumption of soy for HR positive breast cancer patients is now OKAY. This is the research that my oncologist based her recommendation upon when she told me doing Medifast would be fine based on current studies...

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Sneaky Steph, praying for you through your chemo treatments and hoping for your remission Praying for all of you Survivors! You are all an inspiration!! God Bless!..

Comment #7

Thank you for posting this... I'm looking forward to reading it. I'm at higher risk because of strong family history, so I've been cutting back on soy and trying to research it...

Comment #8

I'm lifting all the fighters & survivors up in prayer! The fight against breast cancer is very important to me because of family history. Lets do all we can to crush this disease!..

Comment #9

I am a 6 year breast cancer SURVIVOR! My cancer was Harmone receptor positive and just last week I had a visit with my Oncologist and she said the same thing about the new research regarding cancer and soy. She did tell me that she thought that it would be ok but recommended that I lean more towards the items that were lower in soy but said that she thought that I would be fine due to such small amounts of soy in the products. Good luck on your treatment...

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I have been battling breast cancer for about a year and a half and have my last chemo treatment tomorrow. I will be asking my oncologist if Medifast is ok. I am very excited about doing the program, so I hope he says ok. I will post here what he says tomorrow afternoon. Congrats to all the survivors out there. What a tough year it has been.

Hugs to all!..

Comment #11

Hey, so Im assuming that you had your last chemo treatment already and Im sure hoping that you are going to be a "great success" story!@@.

Hope all is well@@!!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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