Any advice for a Medifast plateau?

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Hi All,.

I started Medifast 2 weeks ago yesterday. The first week I lost 15.5 pounds (YEAH!) last week I lost another 3 pounds early in the week, but since then I have been up and down and now I am stuck at 16 pounds lost. I know that is a great number, but I have been strictly OP all this time, and technically only lost .5 this week (my second week on MF).

My only thought is that I don't think I have been getting ALL of my L &G in this week. I also have a lap bandwhich hasn't been working well...until now. I just can't get all that food down. I'm going to try 4 and 2 this week, and see if that helps..

Is this typical? I have serious issues with water retention, but I have significantly increased my water intake. Will I be thrilled with a big loss later this week?.

I am having NO problem staying OP, and am determined to lose ALLLLLL my weight, for the first time in 30 years....but I'm a little spooked about a stall this early in the program..

Thanks for any advice/encouragement!.


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Water fluctuations are quite normal, although frustrating. I'm battling that myself this week. Stick with it and sooner or later it will come off! Do try to get in all of your meals, no matter how difficult you find it. If the L & G is too much for one sitting, try breaking it in half and eating it at two different times during the day...

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Debbi, congratulations on having a tremendous 2 weeks on plan. Sixteen pounds in 2 weeks is amazing.

I'm not sure what you were expecting, but perhaps it is a matter of expecting too much? You averaged 8 pounds per week in the 2 weeks on program thus far, which is far above the norm of 2-5 pounds average loss per week. I know we all want this weight to be gone NOW!! But it just doesn't happen that way. You didn't gain it all at once, or even at steady increments, and you won't lose it all at once or in steady increments.

As for the lean and green, if you are having trouble eating it all at once, why not split it up over a couple of meals? If you are having trouble eating 1 full lean and green now, I don't see how going to a 4+2 plan with 2 full lean and green meals will help matters. I would stick to the 5+1 and just split the one meal between, say, lunch and dinner. Have all 5 medifast meals, but just have part your lean with one of them and the rest of the lean when you normally have it. Maybe add some chicken and veggies to a Medifast soup for lunch and deduct that amount from your lean and green at dinner (or whenever you usually eat it)..

Again, congrats on a superb start. Keep up the great work...

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Lots of people have a slow down the third or fourth weeks. They say it is the body taking a "breather" and readjusting. A true stall is when you haven't had any loss for 3 weeks in a row. Have you considered posting your concern to the Registered Dietitian Support Forum? The nutritionists may have some advice/insight that would help you out..

BTW: congratulations on the awesome results you have had so far!..

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It'll catch back up. I lost about 8 the first week and NONE the second. There tends to be a pattern with 2nd-3rd week stalls, especially after a really good first week like that..

Cheer up and realize how much you have already accomplished! You will lose again if you stay OP, I PROMISE...

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My coach described this to me as my body catching up, she said we go thru phases, pounds lost, then inches lost, then pounds lost, then inches. And when you aren't losing pounds you are losing inches, because your body is catching up!.

Make sure you measure too, not just weigh!.

It's normal, you lost so much your first week (pound wise) now the rest of you needs to catch up, stay on plan and the numbers will drop again...

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Thanks all!.

I didn't realize the 4 and 2 meant two FULL L & GI thought it was one split up. Learn something new every day :^).

It IS a great startI just panic when I go for a week w/o a loss. But I guess it is like depositing money in a savings accountpretty soon I can have a nice withdrawal!.


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YOu can split your L&G but that's still considered 5 & 1. But if it helps you to get the food down in smaller amounts thats a great idea!..

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You may see periodically have weeks when you have no loss on the scale. It's perfectly normal. My experience found that on weeks when the scale didn't move, the inches did. Your body really does need to play catch-up periodically. What you need to do is remember that the scale is the least accurate tool to measure your progress. It lies.

Make sure you weigh/measure your l&g and get all your water in. Stick with the Medifast plan and you WILL lose. You're doing great!..

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You have gotten great advice here so far. The only thing I would additionally recommend is putting away the scale for awhile and let your body settle in to a weight loss routine. Follow 100% OP and it WILL happen. Daily weighing is a recipe for a let-down, in my opinion...

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You got some great advice here. Take a breath, trust the program, stay op and allow the process to work. After losing a large amount of weight very quickly, our bodies need time to adjust. Your body will lose when and how it is ready to do so. hang in there. you're doing fantastic!.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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