Animal and Medifast Friendly Cheesecake?

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I was suprised (pleasantly) that tofu contains so few carbs!.


1 pkg. "firm" tofu.

1 can diet cream soda.

8 pkgs. Equal.

2 tsp. vanilla.

1 tsp. cinnamon.

1 c. strawberries (opt.).

2 pkgs. Knox unflavored gelatin (AVOID - contains animal products).

Pour diet cream soda in glass and heat for 2 minutes. Stir in 2 packages of Knox gelatin and pour mixture in blender. Add tofu, vanilla, cinnamon and Equal. Blend and pour in loaf pan or several individual glasses and chill for 2 hours...

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This sounds delicious! Can't wait to try the cheesecake. Thanks for sharing the recipe..



Comment #1

This sounds sooooo good....where would you count it....????got protien....part of your lean and green?Let me know..Later Prez..

Comment #2

Strawberries are not recommended until the transition and maintenance phase of the program if you are following the 5 and 1 plan...

Comment #3

Of course the strawberries are optional (hense opt.) so shouldn't be used until transition but the rest is REALLY good. If you wanted you could even do something neat with your 2 cups of veggies and have a nice 7oz piece of "cheesecake" for desert. Did anyone know that less than 2% of pure vegitarians are obese? Thats kinda neat huh? I am going vegitarian now, then vegan after mf.

Cheers! Enjoy!.


Comment #4

I posted (or so I thought) another reply here. Heh.

Anyway, my husband, son and I are vegetarians (ovo-pesco). We never kept milk/cheese/etc once we figured out our son had a casien allergy.

When I started Medifast I did 'conceed' to the milk, because the losing weight is more important right now - and my son understands about the cow milk stuff giving him tummy aches and not making him feel well. He just used to love cheese so much when he sees me with my cottage cheese, he asks but I have to say no..

(although there is 'tofu cottage cheese' that I could make for him - only just remembered it - but I don't know if the fat-free mayo is allowed, so I don't make it for me, I guess I can do the mayo made with canola for him though...hrm.).

Anyway, I guess we're, ahem, lucky - because both my husband and myself are considered obese by the BMI. He bikes 25miles a day total (to/from work - every day all year). He is considering joining me on my Medifast journey, but hasn't made the leap yet.

We (or at least *I* am going to also go vegan, or super close to it, which means our dinners will be since I cook for all of us). I'm just happy to see that I wasn't the only one who made that connection. Just don't fall into the 'typical' vegan diet trap - many things are very carb-laden - lots of pasta/grains - but those are also good (if whole grain varieties are used) good sources of protien. You do have to make sure you get all the nutrients. Nutritional yeast will be your friend (and you can make some swell cheeses using it and non-dairy milks, and some other stuff.

Most of it I have to stay away from right now - because of the weight loss part. I'm not sure exactly how the maintanence part would work for adding in beans/lentis back in (OH HOW I MISS THEM - they were one of our staples - and I have all these wonderful beans staring at me all the time that I want to devour. LOL). Time will allow them, of course.

Anyway, I guess I was just really happy to see someone else who was going to make the switch to veganism after their Medifast journey was done.

I have been 'preparing' as I just bought several books last week - though many of the dishes I can't make because they have beans/grains in them. Sigh. I also found with my son's allergies, that vegan cooking was 'better' for him because they didn't assume, like many vegetarian books, that we were eating cheese/milk...

Comment #5

Mszzzi! I was wondering if we could perhaps keep in contact (my email address is ). You sound like you could be such an excellent resource to me!! I went vegan for 3 months prior to starting Medifast only a week ago. I do eat fish though. I too have sacrificed for the weight loss. However since I'm such a new vegan I think your advice could really help me out a lot! I'm especially interested in your nutritional yeast or "cheese" recipes... sounds great!.

Good luck on your journey and keep in touch if you can !!.

Day 10/189.6/182.0..

Comment #6


I posted a reply here, but somehow it never showed up. Weird. Anyway, I'd love to keep in contact. mszzzi AT

We can head down that vegan road together. Hee. The cheese recipies are from a book called "The UnCheese Cookbook". I'm dying to try things out of there, but I can't have most of it in this weightloss phase. Sigh...

Comment #7

Going vegetarian is hardly a recipe for losing or maintaining weight. I'd be curious to know where you got your statistics from. I've been a vegetarian (this time) for nearly 2 years and I am about 97 pounds overweight...

Comment #8

How are you calling yourself Vegan if you eat fish? Vegans don't eat or use any animal products whatsoever. At best, you're some sort of vegetarian but the amount of people who both identify as vegetarian and eat fish is very low since not eating fish is really a pre-req for being a vegetarian.

How does everyone feel about eating the Medifast soups that contain meat products? I've decided to just suck it up for the duration of Medifast but I'm not eating any meat in my L&G because I have complete control over that...

Comment #9

I have a solution to the gelation problem kosher jello, which contains no animal products and is certified vegetarian. The most popular brand is Ko-Jel. You can get it in the kosher section of most grocery stores (unless you're in the boonies). Or order it online do a google search for Ko-Jel..


Comment #10

I never said I was currently a vegan. I said I was planning on moving more toward that once this diet is over..

There are many, many different variations on being a vegetarian, as you can be very strict, or not. We happen to include fish and sometimes eggs (mostly for our son). Hence the pesco-ovo vegetarian that I said I was before.

Also, how 'bout not trying to troll - ie. pick a fight...

Comment #11

I believe it is soy, not real meat. I could be wrong...

Comment #12

I agree that vegetarianism does not equate to thinness, because otherwise there'd be no need for this forum! As a vegan I feasted on chips, fries and deep fried Indian food (yummmm) - and then when I discovered "happy cow" cheese and "happy chicken" eggs I lapsed into a lacto veg diet with eggs in birthday cakes (my family is not vegetarian so it was the easiest route). My aim is to be a healthy vegan, and I'm looking forward to brown rice and dal when I'm in maintenance. But talking about meat products in MF, I only eat those products that are vegetarian endorsed. I'll go with the milk even though it isn't likely "happy cow" milk, but no meat. I have to agree that I can't see a fish eater as a vegetarian (my definition of veg'n is to not eat anything with eyes, or anything that has harmed anything with eyes - hence the search for happy cows (ie no factory farming)) - but that's a personal definition, and in my view a label is just a label. If you're not eating red meat, as my Australian friends would say, good on you mate...

Comment #13

I'm not trying to pick a fight, just trying to understand your terms. When people use labels (like vegetarian) they use them so that other people can understand what they're talking about without having to explain the whole situation. Now, naturally, you can call yourself whatever you want but whether or not you actually are that thing is quite debatable. I just find it annoying when people change the meanings of labels just so they can fit into the group being labeled. It takes away from what that group actually is.

So, vegetarian - someone who does not eat any animals. This does not mean that they don't use animal products, just generally that the animal wasn't killed to get those products.

Vegan - someone who uses no animal products whatsoever..

Ovo-lacto (or just one or the other) vegetarian - a vegetarian who specifies that they eat both eggs and dairy products. They are still vegetarian because no animal was killed to obtain the eggs or the milk. (eggs aren't chickens - think about it like chicken period).

Ovo-pesco vegetarian - well, this just doesn't exist. It's a contradiction in terms, an oxymoron. One cannot be a vegetarian and eat fish as fish is an animal that must be killed in order for a person to eat it..

People can eat varying levels of vegetarian diets and this is where most people get confused. Someone who identifies as an ovo-pesco vegetarian is really someone who eats a mainly vegetarian diet but does eat fish and eggs. there's not a really quick and easy label for that even if you think you can make one by calling it pesco-ovo vegetarian. pesco-ovo vegetarian does not describe the definition accurately..

For the duration of this diet, I am eating a mainly or mostly ovo-lacto vegetarian diet but as long as I am eating Medifast foods that contain meat, I cannot be considered a vegetarian...

Comment #14

You're right, these definitions do exist, and we should honor them. - it's funny how we define ourselves, what's important to our self image and what isn't. When I gave up alcohol for 10 years I never thought of myself as a teetotaller, I just didn't drink. but I find it important to think of myself as a vegetarian, not just a person who doesn't eat fish or meat. I must say I was disappointed to find that the 'animal and medifast friendly cheesecake' wasn't either- as posted. But it gives me something to work with, once I locate some vegan jelling agent...

Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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