Aman walks into a Vitamin Shoppe....?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Aman walks into a Vitamin Shoppe....?.

My 2nd question is: Yes, today they finally showed up on my auto delivery! My order goes out the 27th so that is great! Not many new ones but it is a start!..

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Your question was: Aman walks into a Vitamin Shoppe....?.

Yes the brownies are not on it but the old white chocolate cookies are back on it from way back when...

Comment #1

I hope the thick crust pizza is as good as it looks. Mmmmm..

Comment #2

Wow - only took the IT dept at NS an extra week to deal with something they had several months notice could it be that they finally found the instruction manual??? after all they had to add one whole new food and change the label (name) of at least two more and (gee gosh golly) reinstate a couple more been working round the clock guys????.

Now lets see if the folks who made decisions at NS actually DID order us some real never before seen NEW foods (don't really think the single, ONE new item counts much - other foods recently added to listing are in fact returning items that have been "low inventory" for a while.

Oh yeah, and when I check my order form I see that there is at least one more item (cinnamon breakfast bar) that's now showing as "low inventory".

Hey NS - hows about you get some inventory and stop messing us around???.


Comment #3

I did notice there were some new items in the auto delivery! How they come!..

Comment #4

Yep - and they've taken at least two more items off the lunch menu (Italian Minestrone & Choc Drink) that weren't on the "to be discontinued" notice sent out a few weeks ago and haven't put anything on the list (either returning old items OR new ones) - that list is rather short just now guess we have to wait til next month for those things to appear - just hope the IT folks have figured out HOW to add items by now....


Comment #5

I think I'm the Nutrisystem loser, cause I do not see anything !!! lol. BUT, incase you all wanted to know, if you click on, I think the 3rd story that you see at the top of your community homepage with the santa, there is an interview with the chef who made the "new" food. And he likes the chocolate chip cookie the best..which leads me to believe that it will be available (at one point).

Also, fudge brownie..I called NS and they said they arent going to introduce that until a later date. BOOOOOOOOO..

Comment #6

More new items popped up tonight. I went to update my order and when I entered an extra Nutrichocolate, the whole dessert selection deleted everything and told me to select 28 items. Wow, there were I think 2 or 3 new items (like the lemon blueberry dessert bar and the white chocolate chunk cookie). Those items weren't there for me yesterday...

Comment #7

Mine has the Apple Strudel for breakfast and the Chicken and Dumplings for dinner...but, unless you knew they were "different" there is nothing on the order form that indicates they are "new" or "changed." I see no Brownie on dessert, however...

Comment #8

Yes the brownies are not on it but the old white chocolate cookies are back on it from way back when...

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