Am I out of Medifast ketosis?

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I'm in my 2nd week... first week was pretty great not much for hunger pains..

This week I've been hungry!! I'm drinking water but I have a question...

I've heard ketosis curbs hunger, so does that mean I'm out of Ketosis?.

I've also heard that hunger means your body is working hard to burn the fat?.

I am hesitant to become a "daily weigher".


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I have been hungry this week too. This is tough. I dont know what the deal is...

Comment #1

Just to let you know.......if you stay on plan it gets so much easier. I am never hungry. At times I feel I can't get all of my food in. Hang in does get easier...

Comment #2

I drink between 3 and 4 liters of water a day which helps tremendously. I've noticed that if I don't drink at least 3 liters I tend to have a bit more hunger than usual...

Comment #3

It does get better... I am at the end of week 8.... If I remember my experience... by week 3, for me... very few hungry days... infact...

Good luck to you!..

Comment #4

Week 3??.

Ok, can't wait for that! Staying on plan! Thank you everyone!..

Comment #5

I have to say that I had a few really hungry days on the 5 and 1. I tried to figure out why but since I stayed 100% on program, I could never find a rhyme or reason for it. I just stuck with program on those days out and did fine...

Comment #6

I think it is pretty individual. I've heard of some people with mega-awesome losses who are 100%ers and say they are always hungry. I've heard others who say that they are never hungry....

I think that you will notice a pattern as you go through the program. By the way, many people lose a whole bunch of weight during the first weeks and then hit the brakes for a week anywhere from week 2 - 5. If this happens to you, Don't panic. It'll come off..

I don't track my food to the nth degree. I follow the program, measure, watch the condiments and eat ten almonds every day. I'm not a huge loser but I am feeling great!.

You will find your balance. Good luck!..

Comment #7

I remember having a weird hunger around about that time. I started Sept. 1. It went away after a couple of days...

Comment #8

How about you post your menu, activity, and water intake and we can see if there are any mistakes being made? Sometimes people make mistakes like only eating 1 serving of green in their Lean and Green and that's why they are starving...

Comment #9

I have days where I am STARVING. When this happens, I usually choose a lean that has more fat in it such as 80% lean ground beef. This is because fat satisfies the body somewhat. Also, by adding in a little fat to the lean meal naturally, you avoid temptation of off plan foods. It works for me, and you know what? When I seem overly hungry during the week and I do this, I usually lose at least 3 pounds. I dunno....just works for me. I think when we are hungrier than normal it is because our body is burning fat and is sending the brain a message to increase calories to make up for the loss...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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