Almond Beeze milk okay to use on Nutrisystem?

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I'm not overly fond of discussion boards, so forgive me if this has already been addressed..

I've recently discovered Almond Breeze, a sort of "milk" but made from almonds by Blue Diamond, and non-dairy. It is low-glycemic, lactose free, gluten free, all kinds of "free" stuff; has only 40 calories per 8oz serving. It's delicious (Vanilla flavored, unsweetened) and it keeps forever, even after opening, and I love it on cereal..

Any feedback on this?..

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Your question was: Almond Beeze milk okay to use on Nutrisystem?.

"Does it come sweetened too".

Yes, it does, butg I don't know what the sweetener is...

Comment #1

I thought the 5g of fat in a fat serving was the MAX, not the required MINIMUM. (Almond Breeze has 3g. for an 8 oz serving.).

Thanks in advance I truly learn something new everyday...

Comment #2

For other add ins it's the max, but for the fat serving it's the minimum. You really shouldn't go below 5g because you need that fat for your health...

Comment #3

About what? Use the 40 calorie one (unsweetened). 4 oz can be used as a free food. There are other ones that have 60 and 100 calories (I think). They still don't have enough protein to be used as a dairy/protein...

Comment #4

I was confused too, so I spoke to an Nutrisystem counselor who advised that the fat, carb and calorie stats are considered the MAXIMUMS. Only the protein stats are considered the minimums..

Until further info surfaces, I think I'll stick with that since that's been working for me so far...

Comment #5

Did you ask them specifically about the fat serving? What you posted above re the maximums is true about the dairy/protein serving. The point of eating the fat serving, and getting the 5g of fat (optimally from a healthy unsaturated fat) is so that your hair doesn't fall out, your skin doesn't get dry, so you keep your gallbladder, etc. Eat 6 almonds for your fat serving and use the almond milk as a free food...

Comment #6

I did ask specifically about the fat grams for the fat serving and he said that was the max.

I think your suggestion of having 20 calories worth of Almond Breeze as a free food, though, is probably the better option. Personally, I want every bit of that 5 grams of fat allowed in the fat serving...

Comment #7

Yes, for the fat serving, 5g is the max but you really shouldn't go too much lower than that. I think all of the suggested fat servings that Nutrisystem lists are 4 to 5g of fat. If you tend to use FF items for your dairy/protein add-ins, making sure you are getting 5g of healthy fat is important...

Comment #8

Personally, my point of view is look at your makeup of foods for your fat requirements. If you are not doing fat free everything you're nickel and diming the fat. I am at 20% fat in my ratio without adding it in because I use 2% cheeses...

Comment #9

Just an FYI, there are lots of coupons you can find on line too. Google "Almond Breeze Coupon" and also you can get some from All You magazine coupons..

I have found it in both the dairy with the soy milk and in the not cold section with special K bars and the like...

Comment #10

I love the unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze, yum! I like to sip a half cup serving in the evening after dessert, before going to bed.

I love it on cereal too. I wonder if you could add something like Any Whey to increase the protein of the Almond Breeze, does Any Whey change the taste or add calories?.

I tried the sweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze once when our store was out of the unsweetened and I thought it was really bad, yuck, I won't buy that one again...

Comment #11

How do I nicely say that not all counselors are always accurate....I give up..

As others have stated, 4-5 grams of fat is a good idea. We are not getting enough fat in Nutrisystem food without adding our fat serving. And it should be dang close to 5 grams in order to fuel your body properly..

I'd be interested to know what another counselor would say if you asked the same question. I think the best arguement was whoever said that if you check the Nutrisystem suggested fat servings, they all have 4-5 grams...

Comment #12

A gram of fat is 9 calories, so 45 calories of a fat serving can't be more than 5 grams. Therefore, I guess you could consider it a max, however, unlike other add ins, going much lower isn't better, you need that fat!..

Comment #13

Agreed. I'm bothered by the way the counselor framed that. It made it sound like the fat range is 0-5 grams...

Comment #14

Actually, the counselor didn't frame it that way, nor did I. The confusion on this thread arose over whether the fat stats were minimums or maximums..

I mean, a fat serving with 0 fat would be a little strange, LOL..

As Dr. House says, "Clarification: it's a beautiful thing."..

Comment #15

I tried this last night and added a splenda packet. It cured my craving for ice cream. Wonder how it freezes?..

Comment #16

I have been drinking Almond Breeze for some time now because regular skim milk is too harsh on my stomach and I am not a big fan of soy. When I started Nutrisystem 9 weeks ago I just continued to use the almond milk in place of skim milk....I never even thought to look at the protein content. So thanks for bringing that up. I am definitely going to continue to use it especially on cereal and in my smoothies, but now I can be more aware to make sure I am getting enough protein...

Comment #17

Have you tried Lactaid milk?.

Also, with the Nutrisystem cereals, the 4 oz of milk provides about 4g of protein so you should add in 1/2 dairy/protein serving, especially if you are not using a high protein add-in for your dairy/protein (such as greek yogurt). I use Kashi GoLean cereal and it has significantly more protein than the Nutrisystem cereals so using the Almond Breeze instead of milk is not a concern...

Comment #18

I can't give you a whole lot of info but, from what my dietician says, she highly recommends it. Good for cereals, protein shakes, coffee, etc. Sounds like a good alternative to milk. Does it come sweetened too?..

Comment #19

It would fit the plan as the daily fat serving, but it's too low in protein to be substituted for a dairy serving..

NS stats:.


From posts of info received directly from Nutrisystem counselors:.

1 Vegetable Serving = 5 g. carbohydrates, 2 g. protein, 25 calories.

1 Fruit Serving = 15 g. carbohydrates, 60 calories.

1 Low-GI Carb Serving = 15 g. carbohydrates, 3 g. protein, trace of fat (3g or less), 80 - 120 calories.

1 Fat Serving = 5 g. fat, 45 calories.

1 Protein (lean) = 7 Grams of protein, 3 grams of fat and 55 calories.

1 Dairy (or Dairy/Protein) Serving = 12 g. carbohydrates, 7 g. protein, a trace of fat (3g or less), 100 calories.


Comment #20

It doesn't have enough fat for a fat serving. You could use 4 oz. as a free food...

Comment #21

I use it on cereal and as a free food. Milk is not my friend and Almond Breeze doesn't irritate my tummy. I use the unsweetened variety. I wouldn't sub it for a dairy/protein serving...

Comment #22

"Does it come sweetened too".

Yes, it does, butg I don't know what the sweetener is...

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