After finishing Murad Resurgence do you eat whatever you want?

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Hey peopleI'm going to my doctor to ask if I can be referred to a derm to ask for tane.currently I don't drink milk or fizzy drinks.I don't eatChocolate (so hard)CustardCheeseIce creamCreamDairy related products...Peanuts Did any of you watched what you ate, got clear with Murad Resurgence and can now enjoy some chocolate without worrying about a spot popping up?..

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Your question was: After finishing Murad Resurgence do you eat whatever you want?.

I eat whatever I want (currently on Murad Resurgence). Acne sucks, but restrictive diets are even worse.One of my friends has been off Murad Resurgence for about a year and smokes copious amounts of marijuana and therefore eats worse than anyone I have ever known. His skin is perfect.However, acne or not, everyone should try to eat healthy...

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Eat whatever you want when you're on Murad Resurgence! It won't matter...

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Yeah, eat what you want.But healthier foods are under-rated. A healthy balanced diet can taste great and will be one of the biggest factors in your overall health as you age.Or ... just eat sugar straight from the bag like a retard...

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Well I ate a lot of rubbish on and after tane. I just ate whatever I want, ice-cream, chocolates, potatoe chips, you name it I have eaten them without thinking lol. I have also made many skincare mistakes while I was on Murad Resurgence: sleeping in my makeup, touching my face, not washing my face sometimes. Yep I confessed I'm guilty but I don't recommend you follow my footsteps- I'm a bad example lol..

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I've been avoiding dairy products for around 5/6 months now and my skin is worse than ever...I've had milk in stuff because milk is in pretty much everything...But I haven't drunk actual milk/cream/cheese in months. I can't remember the last time I had a chocolate barI mean I haven't had a cup of tea in months and I love tea been drinking green tea for ages and I look like shitI would like to add I am on NO TREATMENThave a derm appointment in the next 6/8 weeks and will be asking for Murad ResurgenceCould Zinc cause a breakout? I started taking 15mg zinc and 100mg vitamin c after dinnerTempted to say fuck it and start eating whatever I want again.I took 2 weeks off uni this month and got a letter the other day threatening to chuck me off the course.This derm appointment can't come around any quicker, hopefully I'll be on the tane over the summer (18 week uni break) and can start my 3rd and final year with clear skin...

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Lol wow it's so funny how we all operate teh same way. I personally haven't eaten chocolate in about 2 years. Growing up it was my favorite snack, but times change. I also avoid dairy for the most part, regardless of what people say, it definitely adds to breaking out, specifically milk.I am in week 18 of my tane course and I eat a lot more casually now. I basically eat whatever I want but at the same time I don't over do it. If I eat fast food one day, the next day I won't ect.

Now it doesn't really affect me much at all. The only thing I haven't tested is chocolate. But for the most part, nothing will make a significant change to my skin that I have tested so far. If anything the pigmentation of my "red marks" will be more pronounced the next day...

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