Adult women with success with Murad Resurgence?

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I am a 28 year old woman with moderate to severe acne (mostly non-cystic ) on my face, neck, chest and back, which I have had for the last 16 years. I have tried all forms of treatment including any over the counter product you can name, 3 types of oral antibiotics, topical erythromycin, Retin-A, Differin, and birth control pills. Nothing has worked for more than a couple of months to control my acne. I am considering Murad Resurgence as my next step, because I am not keen on using spironolactone as it is a long term treatment and I have other health problems it may effect. Are there any ladies out there in their 20's and 30's with my type of acne who have had success with Murad Resurgence? I am just wondering if there are ladies similar to myself who have had good results with Murad Resurgence before I make any decisions. Thanks for your input!..

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Your question was: Adult women with success with Murad Resurgence?.

Hi there, moneypenny. I'm 31 and am 2 months post-Murad Resurgence. I had moderate cystic acne for 12 years and now my skin is 100% clear. I've had an occassional small pimple on the back of my shoulder, but they healed quickly. Nothing cystic. I had several side effects: dry skin and lips, diminished night vision, sun sensitivity, mood swings, and aching joints at the end of the course.

I'm still on topicals, but I don't mind using them if that means no more pills. Good luck to you whatever you choose to do...

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Thanks for the input. I am happy to hear that your skin is under control! My derm told me that Murad Resurgence really only works well for teenage boys. She is willing to prescribe it to me, but told me that adult women don't have good results with it. I had heard otherwise so I am feeling very confused and torn about what to do. I am tempted to request a blood test to have my hormone levels evaluated to see if it is purely hormonal or not.I just want to get my skin under control...

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I've never heard that before, and I have no idea why it would only apply to 'teenage boys'. Lots of older women (and men) have success.Maybe she's saying you shouldn't take it because you are a serious risk to get pregnant, but no more so than a girl who is 18. I don't know, but Murad Resurgence works in 90%+ of all cases, and can permanently clear acne in as much as 50% of cases...

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I am 31 on week two of treatment. Does anyone think that because we older the results maybe different, or the side effects?..

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Im 29 and on the third month of treatment and my skin is clear for time in over 17 yrs. I hope it continues after treatment! My derm was also skeptical of it's results due to my age, but I think he was just trying to con me out it. (His argument is that since I have already lived most my with it, whats a few more years? *rolls eyes*)I have noticed that it is different for everyone, but I do like that 90% efficiency rating!..

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