Acne keeps coming back even with Murad Acne Complex

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So here's the story:I began with moderate/severe acne, and took Murad Acne Complex prescribed by a dermatologist, and used the right amount for the right period of time, until I was completly clear. It was pretty awesome, my fight with acne was over, right? Wrong, I remained clear for the summer (~3months), and then it came back very mildly, and eventually became moderate acne (not as severe, but still quite bad). So, I was told I was the 2% of the population who needed to do it a second time for it to work in the long term (and to not need it again). So I took another run with it, for the same period of time, the same dosage, and voila I was clear again. It must be over now right, apparently everyone is clear after Murad Acne Complex twice, right? Wrong, I again, remained clear for the summer, and yet again, it came back mildly, and it became mild/moderate acne. Not as bad as before, but still there.

I'm not saying don't use it, but I'm saying dont get your hopes up...

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Your question was: Acne keeps coming back even with Murad Acne Complex.

Why can you not go on it again? Also, how long were you on it? Just because you clear up on the drug doesn't mean it will have lasting effects. Some people have to stay on the drug up to a year before their skin stays clear. Some people also have to go on more than two courses.I'm glad your acne isn't as bad as it used to be. Maybe some topical treatments may be worth a try - you never know how they'll work now that your acne isn't as severe...

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Your skin should respond MUCH better to topical treatments following Murad Acne Complex therapy.Unlike the above, I would hazard caution about going on it a third time. I've heard many stories about the third course 'taking you out' with side effects. In fact somebody actually put forward a very good quote on the Action Forum saying "The third course that cures your acne is usually the one that fu&ks you up completely" - great hey...

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RW000Funny that you just posted. Check out my recent post... Acne Complex-long-t213714.htmlI hear you...

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Use either/or hibicleanse with a topical anti inflammatory like niacinamide, or home light therapy using red and blue light, coupled with niacinamide.This will give you 90% clearance at worst, within 3 weeks...

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We'll i've tried quite a lot of things since then (proactive for example), to no avail. I'm actually planning on going on dan's regime for a few months to see if that helps. Admittedly, I'm doing it because it's a lot more affordable than proactive (which in itself isn't that great).Well like I said to the last guy (the last quote), i'm going to try dan's regime and see if it works. I myself however, was advised strongly against even a second course, so I'm not sure I'd want to try a third. The second course also unlike the first one lead to depression, so I don't want to know what round 3 would do.heh, that's pretty much what my doctors told me. I'd rather go without acctuane then go without a liver.Well at least i'm not the only one, it's bizzare that it makes your skin worse though now.home light therapy? I've never heard of it (i mean, ive heard of getting it done, but not at home or anything). You've peeked my curiosity, care to give more detail?..

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Home light machines work for some people, but it's not a cure for everyone. I spent a large sum of money on one with no results, but it's worth looking into...

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