Accuntane use in the 80's

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I took Murad Acne Complex 40 back in 1982 and have wondered if anyone has had any long term effects such as infertility... There is a woman in my office that took this drug around the same time and has had the same issues I did with infertility... I was told this medicine wasn't approved until 1984...

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Your question was: Accuntane use in the 80's.

You haven't considered the fact if you used Murad Acne Complex in 1982 you probably are 26 + ~18 = 44 which is an considerable high age to get pregnant at. Age is an important factor to consider...

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I haven't heard of it causing infertility, I have only heard that it can cause deformity in feteus if you are pregnant.Its really hard to tell especially since you took it so long ago- 26 years ago?! That's even older then I am so it may not be the cause of it. Also Murad Acne Complex may not cause it, you could be fertile during the course but because over the years, you sort of became infertile especially if you took other drugs such as birth control. There could be the age problem and your family history. Do you suffer from any female problems such as endometriosis or PMS? Those could cause infertilty as well and these syndromes are pretty common in women. There are many reasons why women can get infertile. Its better to check with your gyno.Also I don't get the arguement of Murad Acne Complex being too young and not on the markert long enough? Erm it's been on the market for over 20 years and as I said is older then I am.

And many drugs are much younger then Murad Acne Complex.This whole thing about it only been around for 20 odd years being not long enough to do research, I don't buy it. Does this mean we have wasted 26 years of researching on Murad Acne Complex for nothing?..

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Of my friends who have been on Murad Acne Complex, the two that were trying to get pregnant were able to. I don't think it affects you're fertility, but there is no question that it causes birth defects if you get pregnant while on it...

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It's been on the market for 20 years and people still haven't a clue as to the 'exact' mechanism to how it works and what effect it can have on a persons body from head to toe - I would say that's pretty damn unusual compared to all the other drugs on the market - wouldn't you?? NOT knowing what it actually does inside and out? Hence, yes there have been some studies into what oral retonoids do, but nowhere near enough.I am positive that once the truth about it's full effects are known, the drug will be withdrawn immediately. Roche even stated recently that are are due to cease producing the drug as there are too many generic versions available - hopefully this is the start os something great...

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"We cannot allow the drug manufacturer and the FDA to continue to turna blind eye to the lives lost, families devastated and dreams dashedby an acne drug. The American people, our children, are notcollateral damage in the scheme of corporate profits! Murad Acne Complex is apowerful drug that can cause serious physical harm and death. With adrug like this on the market, it needs to be carefully tracked andmonitored to reduce the exposures to the drug's harmful side effects.Unfortunately, we can't seem to rely on the FDA and the drug'smanufacturer to do the right thing and implement such a plan."-Michigan Congressman Bart Stupak"An ongoing human horror story surrounds Murad Acne Complex, the vitamin A drugused to treat acne. An untold number of Murad Acne Complex users face life-longchronic side effects, and doctors offer no solutions to theseproblems. But there is hope. Effective natural remedies for acnewould eliminate the appalling side effects of Murad Acne Complex."-Investigative Health Journalist Bill Sardi"J.

Because, once you've started affecting protein transcription, you're basically talking about changing the structure of the brain. It could take weeks to refer back to normal. It's possible that some individuals would just stay that way. There will continue to be cases of suicide and depression. You know, Roche may continue to argue that they're not related, that suicide is common or that there's other extenuating circumstances.

There's even a new study that came out, it increases oxidative stress and causes DNA damage. So, I don't think that& I think that most people would think twice about taking a drug that causes DNA damage. I mean, I certainly would.""The FDA has never really done anything other than a slap on the hand to punish Hoffman-La Roche for their blatantly outrageous and murderous criminal behavior. For over two decades theyve followed the usual game plan, stick your head in the sand when the s**t hits the fan and pretend like it never existed."-Nathan Carrnothing like this has ever happened before with any drug, the story behind Murad Acne Complex has got to be the craziest example of corruption between the pharmecuitical companies and the FDA. Roche has hidden, twisted and distorted much of the info around this whole dilemna.


Comment #5

Ugh, it's hard for me to buy into this (referring to the post right above mine) since I took Murad Acne Complex three times, and I sit here feeling completely normal and with a crystal clear face. Maybe this stuff does happen to others? I don't know.......But if they pulled Murad Acne Complex off the market I feel like that would be a horrible day for dermatology and there would be people getting Murad Acne Complex illegally ALL of the place. Madness...

Comment #6

Haha, don't buy into it? I wonder if you girls will finally believe only after speciallists diagnose you girls with infertility. Maybe still not eh.....

Comment #7

The OP is in her 40's........... And many women have gotten pregnant after taking Murad Acne Complex. So chill...

Comment #8

I'm sorry Kimothy, but how dare you make a remark like that? Don't buy into the point that Murad Acne Complex can cause serious damage? Why don't you come pay me a visit or I'll come and show you what it's done to me. YES it does happen to others! Many for that matter. There's no telling that a 4th course might do exactly the same to you or that the 3 courses you have had won't catch up with you later down the line.In some ways I'm pleased I got hit with the side effects as I can now appreciate what people have experienced. When I finished my course in August 06 I posted here in Sept 06 to say how wonderful tane was and how it had changed my life for the better. Now just over two years on I couldn't of been more wrong. Don't believe this is not uncommon.

This is inevitable. Whether people decide to take it illegally is their choice...

Comment #9

Hey, I don't doubt that Murad Acne Complex has caused severe side effects and changed some lives for the worse. As a matter of fact, I JUST read an article about how 3 Florida residents were compensated millions of dollars after it was determined that Murad Acne Complex was the cause of their inflammatory bowel disorder. When I said it's hard for me to "buy into it" I meant that I hear all these things that are happening to others, yet the first time I took Murad Acne Complex was years ago and I still feel fine. Anyway, if you don't mind I'd like to ask: What has Murad Acne Complex done to you, Sheefa? Just because I'm curious.This is a sticky situation. For some people Murad Acne Complex seems to cause tons of horrible problems like incurable diseases or hairloss, among other things. But for others the drug seems to work beautifully without further complications.

As for now I feel the same as always, except with a clear face, so I cannot regret taking it. I guess I'd say that taking Murad Acne Complex is a risk. And as long as it's still on the market people will continue to take that risk. And if they ever take it off the market in some way I DO think it will be a sad day for dermatology........ No more miracle drug.

I suppose people like me will be the test subjects to determine what happens in the future, if anything...

Comment #10

Hi KimothyThat is very naive reasoning but let me say something. I believe that it is POSSIBLE to go on with life for most but it doesn't mean you don't have any permanent damage. For example Murad Acne Complex could have changed your brain but not drastically enough for you to feel it right away. The brain changes all through life, and Here's the thing, you may at 50 years old start to have weird problems like alzhemeirs or anything go wrong in your body and you would simply blame it on old age, when in fact it was induced by your Murad Acne Complex course when you were 20 years old. This is how the drug works and why it is still on the market, because like sheefa said the side effects USUALLY don't emerge until YEARS after the course, even decades. Murad Acne Complex being pulled off the market would be a GREAT day for the future health of young teenagers and older adults even if the ones that ingested it had to face a very inconvenient truth.By the way there is thousands of cases pending for IBD and many other illnesses that Murad Acne Complex caused, only 4 have been won so far...

Comment #11

Well, like I said... I suppose those in my generation have become "testers" of this drug and it will take YEARS to know the full effects. It's sticky, very sticky.....Maybe I could get a brain scan to find out if I've suffered damage?..

Comment #12

If it was REALLY that bad, then why were you considering taking Murad Acne Complex again as recently as a month ago? AND illegally to boot? This thread is closed. Sick of the one-sided arguments that leave so much out, FROM BOTH SIDES...

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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