A1C readings while on Medifast

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I wanted to speak to all diabetics on Medifast with issues regarding their blood sugar readings and/or A1C readings. Have you had any successes while on MF? Have your numbers been stabilized? Let's share with everyone so we can all see and reap the benefits of Medifast on diabetics.

I am a Type II diabetic and was obese when I started MF. My BS levels were totally uncontrolled with meds, but without proper nutrition, even more uncontrolled. I typically had a BS reading of 300-400 daily, fasting, and/or after meals.

By the 4th day on MF, I showed controlled diabetes and my doctor was amazed. My numbers are always within range daily now. My doctor had never heard of Medifast and so I told him all about it. He is very pleased with the weight loss and the control over my BS. I have been cut way back off of my meds and I believe next visit, I will be totally off them (maybe wishful thinking, but a possibility nonetheless)..

Are you following the 5/1 plan for diabetics or are you doing the 4/2/1 or 5/2/2?.

What is your story? Let's share and keep each other accountable to control over obesity and BS control...

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My numbers are also much better - down from the 200's to the lowest at 113. I am still striving to get it lower and hopefully be able to lower / stop the meds (glumetza 2 in morning, 1 in evening). Currently runnin between 113 and 120 in both am and bedtime...

Comment #1

I can't believe how well this program has worked for me and my diabetes and neither can my doctor!.

My A1C when I started was a shade below 10 it's now a NORMAL 5.3 and has been for the past six months.

I'm off Avandia and Glyburide, which I'd taken daily and my metformin has been cut in half. I see the doctor in another month and expect to be off it completely! (cholesterol and high blood pressure meds are gone too!)..

I did the 5/1 plan and am now in transition. My doctor has been with me every step of the way..

MF has literally been a lifesaver for me! I feel terrific but more importantly, I am HEALTHY for the first time in 30 years..


Comment #2

Nice weight losses everyone! Also some nice BS counts and nice A1C's!.

I am on a pump and I have been able to reduce my intake of insulin! I have lost around 30 lbs since Feb, but I am still well over 200 lbs and am losing slowly because of the insulin! However, I am really encouraged and have had wonderful BS readings 117-150....down from 200's!.

Check in often ladies (and men...) let's keep each other going!..

Comment #3

I just had my blood work done last week. When they called me to give results I always brace myself. The nurse said "Everything is within range".

I had to make her double check. I never have EVERYTHING within range..

I have High Tryglycerides which is genetic. Normally they are 200+ my Mom use to have hers 800+ with meds.

It was within range as well. WOOHOO!..

Comment #4


Just got my A1C last week and Dr was very pleased reading was 6.2. I've been on Medifast since mid-Apr and my daily testing is so much lower than pre-MF. Now in 100-118 range..

I've lost 21lbs...I know it will be slow losses for me due to other health issues but need to stick it out for the long run. So happy I found MF...

Comment #5

WOW! All these reports of improved BS is wonderful. I knew it wasn't just me. My doctor is pleased with me as well. Everyone keep up the good work. We are not only getting thinner pound by pound, but we are getting HEALTHIER! What a bonus.

Keep the good reports coming. I am happy to hear everybody's improved health news. Yay!!!..

Comment #6

My BS are more controlled than they have been longer than I can remember. My last A1C was 5.2. Also my Triglycerides are 74, and my Cholesteral is 161 (245 a year ago). My doctor was so happy with me she gave me a hug. That really felt good..

I'm doing the 5/1 plan...

Comment #7

I too have had wonderful success with eliminating Type II diabetes. My fasting sugar was 265 in mid-October last year when I started my journey. My last check it was 100 and my A1c was 5.9 (down from 9.4)I think I began to see results within the second weekmaybe sooner. I consider myself in remission. I still have more to lose and will have to be careful adding back the carbs (surely my downfall). I am doing the 5+1 and am eternally grateful to have found MF...

Comment #8

Carolyn: Great job bringing those numbers down. It is a really good feeling isn't it. Kind of like you now have control over the disease that had control over you. What power Medifast brings!.

The Mimim: Yes, as diabetics, when we reach T&M, we will have to be extra cautious with reintroducing carbs. I don't want to be back on those meds full time, that's for sure. Great job!..

Comment #9

Hello my name is Bill and I am a diabetic. Glad to meet y'all. I started on Sunday June 22nd (on day 6 now). Normally my morning reading was averaging 242 for awhile. Monday morning I had a reading of 168! This morning it was 148 and last night it was 135 before supper. In 10+ years of diabetes I have never had a whole week under 200 like this week.

I am so encouraged by everyone here especially by the success you have had with diabetes. I look forward to hearing more of the wonderful things ahead for us all..

Cool Runnings..

Comment #10


Congrats! The weight loss is awesome, but the health benefits are much more wonderful! Yes?.

Make sure you talk with your doctor about your meds. They may need to be adjusted. In know mine were. I am just about off my meds because my BS is so controlled now! Great job. Good luck on your journey!.

I like your tagline regarding "choices". I always say: Make Good Choices!!..

Comment #11

Bill...congrats on your nbrs spiraling the way...DH & I love Shawshank Redemption...

Comment #12

I've been doing Medifast since mid March and my sugars have come waaaay down. I was taking insulin 3 x day 45 units and long acting (80 units) once daily seeming to not have any effect. Now I take 6 to 10 units just in the morning (I took myself off). My sugars don't seem to get higher than 140's and are only that high in the mornings. My blood pressure is now low I did ask the DR. about getting off meds for that and he wasn't quite ready to do that yet.

I think that this program is helping us all. Keep up the good OP work...

Comment #13

Cathygirl! Nice work! Isn't it a gratifying feeling to know that you are getting healthy? Please make sure you check with your doctor regarding your meds. That is very important as I am sure you already know. The doc will no doubt be happy with your stabilized BS...

Comment #14


BS were 120s with meds - after losing 40 pounds on my own diet and exercise paln.

Hit a plateau - found MF.

Started on 23 May - this year..

Have lost 24+ pounds.

Most important: BS now averaging 85 fasting...95+ one hour+ after meals.

First my Doc reduced the metformin (glucotrage) by 2/3.

Today the glucotrol was cut in half.

If the numbers stay where they were - WOO WOO.

Chlor is 110...triglycerides 85, BP vastly improved.

Staying OP, staying OP,.


Staying OP.

(sing to tune of "dance to the music) I think.

Poker bob..

Comment #15

SHOUT OUT TO POKER BOB!!!!!!!!!! Awesome results. I so totally believe this this program MF. It is so beneficial to our bodies. I am really happy to hear how well your BS and chlor and trig and BP are doing.


Comment #16

It is amazing how well everyone is doing on Medifast. Here is a big CONGRATS to everyone. Who would have believed the difference so quickly? Certainly not me that is for sure. Today is day ten for me and this morning's reading was 85 and that was cutting back 10 units on the Lantus. Dial down 5 more units tonight. So here is to all us diabetics who are getting better by the day. May your future be so bright you have to wear shades.

Cool Runnings,.


Comment #17

Hello All,.

I am new to Medifast and have not started on any of the foods yet. I am Type 2 and weigh 207 pounds (5'4"). I started insulin back in December and have put on 37 pounds since then. I am totally miserable because I try so hard to lose weight, my blood sugars are great with the insulin, but I cannot lose weight no matter how hard I try. I have not been able to do any walking because of a herniated disc; but I'm hoping that will change with the cortizone shots I'm getting (had my first one today and feel really good right now). I'm desperate.

I'm worried that I will lose the weight on the program, then gain it back after I'm off the program (and I can't afford to waste money, with one son in college). Has anyone encountered this yet? Also, do you know if it's possible to select the foods you want instead of the package deal, or is it better to go with a package deal to start? One other question, is the food good ?It's always easier to stick with something if it's good..

I'm glad to be able to converse with people who are dealing with diabetes as I am; because you know they understand how you feel..

Thanks for letting me blab a littleI could definitely use a little encouragement...

Comment #18

Hi Weezy:.

Welcome to MF. You have made a very good decision to become a healthier new you. I'm sorry you are down with a herniated disc. That must be awful.

When I first started to lose, my doctor wanted to put me on insulin but was afraid it would make me gain weight. Since MF, I have been taken off most of my meds by my doctor.

As for worrying about losing the weight and then gaining it back, yes, that is a possibility. BUT, it is all in the choices you make. On any weight loss program you can lose the weight and then gain it all back and then some. But, with MF, you are supported through a transition period and then maintenance where you are learning to make healthy choices.

So remember, if you don't make HEALTHY CHOICES, you will probably gain the weight back, but that is totally up to the individual who has lost the weight. Has nothing to do with MF!.

You don't have to order the variety packages. You can place an order for only those products you wish to buy. Does that help? Not everybody likes each product. The good thing is you don't eat what you don't like and eat only those products you do like. That is why it is good to order what you want, but of course you don't know what you like yet. Have you ordered already?.

Keep your chin up. I would suggest that you take photos (before) and measure yourself. Drink at least 64 oz water daily and make sure you eat on schedule (every 2 1/2 to 3 hours). You will succeed if you follow the program..

Good luck to you. If you need anything, feel free to PM me...

Comment #19

Signed up on 23 May; started on 24 May with goal of 219.

Starting weight 269 at Center (with clothes).

255 last Tuesday, 25 June - lost 24 pounds in a month.

Work out with personal trainer three times a week for 30+ minutes of circuit training designed to build some muscle but mostly tighten up what little I have...Also use treadmill 2 maybe three times a week at home for 30 =/- minutes.

Went to Doc 2 + weeks ago - Blood work was great.

110 Chlor; BS average 86 fasting, triglycerides 85, BP in 120+/80+ range - Doc cut metformin by 2/3.


Went again this Tuesday - Great numbers again.

Doc cut glucatrol (sp?) by.

Doing fine - feeling great - Now weigh in at 245 at home (no clothes)  clothes weigh in at 5+ pounds (weighed at home with and without to test).

Encouraged by goal and 6 reduction in waist changed my goal to 195 with 3 interim goals:.

239 by end of 23 July  3 weeks = - 6 pounds.

(go on vacation to Las Vegas where I will see many many friends for first time since weight loss).

219 by end of September  8 weeks = - 20 pounds.

195 by end of year  12 + weeks = - 24 pounds.

Currently on 5+1 plan with mostly shakes, occasionally a bar (no more than one per day) and good lean and green meal.

Also use crab, beef veggie soups and chili.

Add some peppers to add bulk  subtract from lean and green.

Use 2-3 splenda (in coffee or shakes) a day, and Davinci sugar free syrup or drops in 2 other shakes - I know that is more condiments than allowed but it helps keep me OP.

Will be staying OP in Vegas but will add one real meal a day.

Hope to stay at weight  not gain  while there for 10 days.

Then back OP at home.

Whew - Thats my story and I am ssticking to it&.

Sure would welcome any advice, words of encoragement, chastising, whatever&.


Pokerbob  or if you will, Bob Ogus..

Comment #20

I was a Type 2 diabetic reclassified to Type 1 2 years ago after my pancreas ceased putting out insulin. Have been on insulin since 1986 when my A1c was 13.2, total cholesterol 310 and BP 180/120. My top weight was 317 and started Medifast at 253 after loosing 64 pounds on modified Adkins diet. While on Atkins my A1c dropped to 8.7, cholesterol went to 180 and BP was 150/90.

Have been on Medifast for 6 weeks and presently A1c is 6.9, total cholesterol is 126 and BP is 110/70. Have reduced Lantus 50% and am using much less Novolog. I am on the 5-1 plan with diabetic shakes and bars. My only problem has been in still taking too much insulin occasionally (old habit) resulting in a low (45 - 60) which takes me off plan to restore normal sugar levels. I test 6 - 7 times a day and readings now are between 80 - 120 throughout the day...

Comment #21

WOW!!! Ejdykhuis, that is amazing. I said it before and I'll say it again, the weight loss benefits are great, but the health benefits of being on the Medifast plan are awesome. Congratulations!! Keep in touch with your doctor regarding insulin! Just Awesome!..

Comment #22

Just started Medifast yesterday (7/16) and my BS runs between ~220 to mid 300s on a bad day. I will be glad to see some of the results you all are getting...

Comment #23


I cannot say that I am typical, but I have heard many good reports as well. I had blood sugars over 300 for a year before I changed doctors. My current doctor has been working very hard to help me get my diabetes under control. Before Medifast (started 6/22/2008) my average blood sugar was 242 with the following medication:.

Metformin 850mg X 2 - twice a day.

Glucotrol 10mg - twice a day.

Januvia 100mg - one a day.

Lantus 60mg - once a day.

After a week and a half the Lanuts had to be discontinued because my blood sugars were dropping too low (60's). Yesterday my doctor took me off of the Glucotrol for the same reasons. My blood sugars are averaging 80's in the morning and 90's before my lean & green at supper. Something I have never seen in 10+ years of being diabetic - normal blood sugar readings and it only took three weeks. So while your blood sugar might react differently (might go higher first or lower), I think you have reason to have hope. Keep on plan and I know results will happen.

Cool Runnings,.


Comment #24

I'll share my own success story! When I started Medifast on June 24, 2007, I weighed 260 and had hit the threshold of diabetes with a fasting glucose of 126. I fought to stay off meds for the two years following my diagnosis, but my readings were slowly but surely creeping up, with morning readings running 115-120 and spikes during the day as high as 140. I knew it wouldn't be long before I'd be put on meds..

Within a week of starting on MF, my morning glucose was 89 and has stayed normal since then! Based on bloodwork done in November and repeated last January, my doctor told me in January that she no longer considered me to be diabetic (my Hba1C was 5.3 in January). I just had my bloodwork repeated and my Hba1C is now 5.1 (fasting glucose was 92). My doctor repeated her belief that I am no longer diabetic and told me that she wants to repeat the bloodwork in six months and, assuming that it remains good, she'll just have me go in once a year!!!.

Even more encouraging is that my 79 yr. old mom started on the Medifast diabetic program three months ago. She has gone from taking 4-7 units of insulin after every meal and running numbers in the 150's and higher, plus taking Lantus at night, to taking NO insulin during the day (still takes Lantus at night). Her numbers are running in the high 90's or low 100's (under 110) all day long and her morning readings range from the mid-80's to low 90's. She has been Type II for 22 years and on insulin for about 8 years. She had reached a point where she thought that her diabetes would continue to worsen and become more unmanageable as time progressed, but now she is hopeful of getting completely off of all insulin when she loses the last 30 pounds (she's lost around 25 pounds so far).

In fact, her nephrologist told her that he didn't need to see her anymore!!.

I am a health coach and work with a number of diabetics, and I'm seeing the same great results repeated over and over again. I just received an e-mail this morning from a new diabetic client who, within a few days of starting the diabetic program, has already had to cut his insulin in half. I don't know of another program out there that can produce these kinds of results - and quickly!.

My encouragement to everyone here is to hang in there and stay on plan, because the results are SO worth it!.


Comment #25

When I started Medifast it was because my doc gave me a choice.......lose weight and control the diabetes or lose things like my feet, my eyesight, kidneys and my choice. I was on metformin 1000mg 2x/day. fasting was in the 140's to 160's and I'd get as high as 250 sometimes higher during the day. Triglcerides out of sight, and good to bad cholresterol ratio not good..

I'm still on the metformin but expect it to be cut back soon. I wake in the morning to bs in the 80's and the highest spike ive seen during the day in the past weeks is 121.

This with only losing 20 lbs and doing no exercise. I'm starting exercise this week and fully expect to see my bs be even more under control. Can you meds eventually?..

Comment #26

Just an update. doc cut the meds in half. down two 500mg of metformin 2x/day. He says he sees no reason why I won't be off them completely in the future. A1c is now 5.8 and I'm going for under 5...

Comment #27

Hello All,.

I have ordered my diabetic Medifast variety pack! Hope it arrives soon as I am anxious to begin a healthier life! Is there anyone here who injects Byetta? I have been using Byetta since Oct. 2006 anyone have any advice don't hesitate to send it my way. Thanks!..

Comment #28

Hi BamaNana: I have never used Byetta, so can't help you there. My only advice is that you stay in close contact with your doctor while using the 5&1 plan on MF. It is very important as you progress through the plan and begin losing weight because your medications may need to be adjusted so your BS does not dip too low. Listen to your will know!.

Good luck on your journey. Let us know if you need any help!..

Comment #29

Update from pokerbob.

When I started was tkaing 4 glucotrol, two metformin, junevia (sp?) a day.

DOc cut that I ahlf and the in half again.

Now taking juvenmet a combo pill of glucophange + junevia.

And my BS is in the low 90s fasting and at 110+/- 2 hours after eating.


BP was also down but after cutting meds is back up to 150/90 so I am starting norvasc again.


Comment #30

WOW Reenie.

I didnt realise you had type 2. My MIL has type 2 & she signed up today for her Medifast order.

In one week when it comes, I am going to put her on the diet & she will live with me so I can control what she eats. I dont want anyone to feed her anything off plan or mess with her head. She is 74 but really healthy. She LOVE to exercise everyday..

Wish me luck. I am sure I will learn alot..

Comment #31

Holy Cow! Down from the 280s (fasting) to the 150s and this is TWO weeks after starting the 5+1 plan (8# lost, too) I could not be more excited!..

Comment #32

Way to go taoofteri. It will keep going down from here. Make sure you check with your doctor regularly so your meds can be adjusted...

Comment #33

Just make sure she is in close contact with doc regarding her meds. The combination of meds and Medifast together can make the BS drop very fast and they meds will need to be adjusted. But I guess I am preaching to the choir on this one, yes?..

Comment #34


I used to use Byetta and loved what it did for my blood sugar. Did you know "Historically, exenatide was discovered as a protein naturally secreted in the saliva and concentrated in the tail of the Gila monster." So my wife and I used to joke about me shooting up my lizard spit. Byetta will not rapidly drop your blood sugar like Glucotrol, but still Medifast will really make a huge difference. I was on Lantus, Junuiva, Glucotrol and Metformin before Medifast and now have normal blood sugar with only Metformin in only a couple of months. So good luck and keep a daily eye on those readings..

Cool Runnings - Bill..

Comment #35

I am on 5&1 and have lost 24.8 pounds, this is my 7th week. I love it, am never hungry, I eat becouse time tells me to do so, My BS is still between 90 and 120 in the morning, even if I go to bed with 84. I do not get that. My A1C was 6.9 and my doctor was not happy with that but he was encouraged that I lost weight. I pray that while I am on Medifast I will get rid of most of my medication...

Comment #36


"I used to use Byetta and loved what it did for my blood sugar. Did you know "Historically, exenatide was discovered as a protein naturally secreted in the saliva and concentrated in the tail of the Gila monster." So my wife and I used to joke about me shooting up my lizard spit. Byetta will not rapidly drop your blood sugar like Glucotrol, but still Medifast will really make a huge difference. I was on Lantus, Junuiva, Glucotrol and Metformin before Medifast and now have normal blood sugar with only Metformin in only a couple of months. So good luck and keep a daily eye on those readings.".

Cool Runnings - Bill[/quote].

Yep, my DH calls me lizzard...LOL. I am beginning week 4 and have lost 12 lbs. Slow and steady, but steady and sure. Sounds like Medifast really helped your BS ! So far my readings are between 90 and 120 so I will take that and smile. Good luck to you also!.


Comment #37

My dr is amazed at my progress, my last a1c was a horrible 12.5..... after being on the plan just over a month my a1c went down to 6.9! I'm exceted to see what it is after a full 3 months on the plan... ive been insulin dependant since 1994 and ive taken everything including the lizard spit.... it did seem to work but I did have alot of injection site burn with it. I'm off my cholesterol meds, ive gone from having such severe insulin resistence that ive been on u-500 insulin for about a year now. I went from taking 30 units of u-500 three times a day to now taking 10 units every 24 to 72 hours!!! yes!!! the u-500 is so strong that it stays in your system a very long time if you dont use it up fast, and doesnt cause low blood sugars like the faster acting insulins.

It stayed between 65 and 130 on one 10 unit shot..... I'm so excited that this diet works for me when nothing else ever has. I'm still on blood pressure meds and diovan for kidney health. but I hope to be off those soon too!!!..

Comment #38

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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