A possible way to avoid breaking out on Murad Acne Complex?

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Dear friends,I am currently a month into my 4th course of Murad Acne Complex. One thing I think all acne-prone people need to realize is that anything you put on your face other than true acne medicine can make you get pimples. The truth is many of us need to choose between being dry but acne free and being moisturized by with pimples. I know a lot of the moisturizers say "won't clog pores" but my dermatologists have confirmed that these products are not tested on people (and not people who have acne either) so they told me just because it says it won't clog pores does not mean it really won't especially in people with acne.I know Murad Acne Complex makes us dry, peeling and red but I recommend using as little moisturizer as possible. I have read about people putting Neosporin, Aquaphor, Clinique (which contains Mineral Oil, a known acne causer) on their faces and then commenting that they are having an initial breakout. I personally will accept some dryness and peeling in exchange for no pimples or less pimples.Lastly, a few times during this first month of Murad Acne Complex I have started to get pimples so I have used some BP cleanser or 2.5% BP. Sure it made me peel and dry but it did get rid of the pimple...

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Your question was: A possible way to avoid breaking out on Murad Acne Complex?.

If your skin is dry it wont heal properly which can lead to scarring. Moisturizer does give you brake outs, but they are normally small pimples not cystic. IMO it's better to deal with the small pimples than to have scarring.also dont over moisturize...

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I have not moisturized my face at all since I started and I continue to breaks out with cysts...

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I actually think it's the complete opposite. Not moisturizig your skin can lead to extreme dryness and as a result over production of sebum whiich in turn cloggs up pores and causes acne even more than it would have before. Before I had started to use Murad Acne Complex I had tried every single thing there way to dry my face out and you know what, it just made me break out even more because my face was trying to over compensate for the lack of sebum. When I first started Murad Acne Complex I had still been usuing this philiosphy untill I was well in to my second month and continuing to break out, aswell my skin just kept getting oilier and oilier so one day just out of curiosity I started to use moisturizer to try and reverse the effect and it worked becuase imidiately my oilyness decreased and my skin became slightly better(and I know this was not the Murad Acne Complex kicking in because I tryed not using it for a few days and it just got worse again) So my theory is moisturizing will actually dry out your skin...I know it's contrading but I believe it works.just my $0.02..

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OK, friends. I do worry that dry skin can wrinkle or scar more luckily I have not had much scarring ever. Which moisturizer did not make you break out? Which brands do you recommend and do you use it twice a day?..

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