50 Pounds Gone with Medifast!

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50, fifty, five 10's, 5-0 Pounds lighter since 9/25/10.

What a great gift for ME... and all the more incentive to stay OP thru the next 2 weeks!!! Just may hit 199.9..

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Yea Janine! Congrats! What a marvelous present to yourself..

Comment #1

WOW! That's better than any gift under the tree. Congratulations! Onederland is calling.....

Comment #2

That is awesome! Hey, you're a tall girl (like me!) and an older girl (like me!) and look HOW FAST the weight dropped off of you!!..

Comment #3

CONGRATULATIONS!! ONEderland is right around the corner! Yeah for you!!..

Comment #4

Hang some Mistletoe over your mirror, and give yourself a big sloppy kiss!!.



Comment #5

Thanks all... I was pretty much walking on air all day!!!..

Comment #6

My fellow Angel..Congratulations to you with your 50 lb loss!!!..

Comment #7

Congrats! Merry Christmas to you!!!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!..

Comment #8

Congrats!! That is so great and the best present ever to YOU!!!..

Comment #9

Congratulations Janine! It could not have happened to a nicer Angel! What a wonderful present you gave yourself this year.......


Comment #10

Great job Janine!! I'm on your heels, fellow Angel!!!..

Comment #11

Tonight in celebration of loosing 51 pounds my family and I went to Costco and purchased a case of jam and a case of peanut butter total weight= 56 pounds. I attempted to carry it into the church dinner where they were having a food drive... it weighed so much, too much for me to carry. And to think that less than 3 months ago that was on my body.. it truly boggles the mind...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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