50+ Pounds Gone from Medifast

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I sat here for awhile and debated whether I should toot my own horn and I finally decided if a 50+ pound loss is not worthy of tooting your own horn, what is??.

I started MediFast in May, but had some lapses along the way, including a pretty significant one from September to November. I don't recommend anyone taking the so-called scenic route! The view is vastly overrated! The OP way is much more rewarding! When I recommited in November, I recommited all the way and have had great numbers..

I'm going to get my sister to take progress pictures tomorrow night..


Comments (11)

Congrats - you are amazing and your weightloss shows it!!!..

Comment #1

Way to go, Carolyn!! 50 pounds is a major accomplishment!!! Keep up the great work..

Comment #2

Toot that horn, girl!! You deserve it. I took the so called scenic route too and it was really just a lot of flat land. Congratulations!..

Comment #3

***CONGRATULATIONS***50 LBS is definitely something to toot your horn to!!..

Comment #4

You should toot your horn; it is a great accomplishment!..

Comment #5

Toot away! That is an awesome accomplishment. ESPECIALLY being able to pull it back together after a major slipto me, that is the biggest accomplishment of all...

Comment #6

Congrats Carolyn! That is a fantastic achievement!! Can't wait to see the pics..

Comment #7

Carolyn what a wonderful accomplishment! "the scenic route" is too funny! Congratulations!!!..

Comment #8

Thanks, everyone! I feel really good. <knock on wood>..

Comment #9

Congratulations! You're doing great! Good job getting back OP!..

Comment #10

Great job!! I am so happy you came back and stuck with it!..

Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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