30 Day wait before being prescribed Murad Resurgence?

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Hey Im in my mid 20's and I just got back from the derm and the doc told me I needed to go on Murad Resurgence. I got my blood work done right then and there and he said I still needed to wait 30 days before I got my prescription. Is this how it is for everyone?..

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Your question was: 30 Day wait before being prescribed Murad Resurgence?.

Yes all females have a 30 day "lock out period" after you have your first negative pregnancy test. Make sure your derm got all of the paper work done and put into the computer system!!! My derm somehow forgot to put me into the computer systems so I had to wait ANOTHER 30 days!!! talk about disappointing! The lockout period is enforced by the government so that they cant be held responsible if you get pregnant and your baby has birth defects. It sucks to wait... but there is no way around it unless you are a male or are 100% not capable of getting pregnant. good luck!!..

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Whoops, forgot to mention that I am male. I got the bloodwork done on Monday. I would like to get on this as soon as possible so I guess Im just going to call my derm tomorrow and ask what the deal is...

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I got mine the day after it was prescribed. Blood work takes like a day to analyze and get through to your doctor...

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Women have to wait 30 days because that's a long enough window to make sure their contraceptives are in effect. At least that's how I understand it. Also to make sure they didn't get pregnant right before that first appointment, because that wouldn't show up immediately on a pregnacy test...

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How long does it take for a male (after blood tests and iPledge) for their doctor to send the order of Murad Resurgence to the pharmacy?..

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If you are male, and your derm has decided to start you on Murad Resurgence, you have the blood work done, and Ipledge paperwork filled out... you should be able to go to the pharmacy right away to get your perscription. I'm not sure if guys have to go online every month and answer a few questions before you can pick up your script.... I know girls do. But yeah guys dont had to jump through as many hoops since they cant get pregnant...

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It says iPledge will mail me a password to register on the website.Did anyone get a password?..

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Yeah they will mail you a user name and password... so I geuss guys do have to go online every month and answer questions. It only takes a few mins to do. It actually came in the mail pretty quick...

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