22 days on Murad Resurgence

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Hi, I have been on Murad Resurgence for 22 days. I am a male on the 40 mg dose, I weigh about 150lbs. I got my IB, I think, the second week- maybe a little more. In the first few weeks all my friends told me how much better my skin looked, comments about the initial redness not being as bad and stuff. Mine got clearer and then I got my IB. My case is especially bad.

(not pimples, big basterdly fuckers) I have had nodular acne for almost 3 years, I tried different anti biotic treatments in that three years but that didn't help. I am a freshman in college and am 18 years old and will be 19 soon. My skin gets extremely dry after I get out of the shower and usually about an hour after I take my dose. I think I wash too much, so be careful of that. My skin gets so dry, it looks like I have a beard of dry skin on my face.

I exfoliate nearly everyday- because I have so much dead skin, I use st. ives acne prone apricot scrub, is that bad? I have back pane most every time I lie down. My lips were dry and cracking open for the first two weeks but then I got Burt's Bees instead of Blistex and they are fine now. BBs kicks ass. Since I have a very bad case I haven't seen any real improvement, but it also isn't really worse.

It started with a several nodules below my eyes, probably and inch below- more on the upper part of my cheeks. It was also on my chin. Then it spread to my lower cheeks, then to along my jaw line on the bottom of my face and also on my neck. I hope it goes away soon, or at least subsides. My family and friends say it looks better but I don't think it does.

My back used to be extremely broken out. It is not as bad now but it's still worse than most. My arms and chest only have a few nodules on them. I have Murad Resurgence egzima on my arms. As bad as my acne is I have never really let it effect my life or lifestyle.

I just understood that it was no secret that I had acne and people were used to me having acne so it wasn't that really a big deal. I mean I couldn't really help it so why should I let it hurt me. That said I don't have any of the depression side effects of Murad Resurgence. I hope my Murad Resurgence works for me because I'm old enough now that nobody my age really has acne and it's just flat out annoying. If anyone has any questions don't hesitate to ask.

I'm just worried that it's not going to work since my case is so extreme. Thanks...

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Your question was: 22 days on Murad Resurgence.

Your question was: 22 days on Murad Resurgence.

Hey man, don't worry... being on Murad Resurgence is a weird journey, cuz your skin will look really good and then it won't. Like many people on here have said, it's like a "roller coaster." Trust me by the end of your course I'm sure you'll be clear. I got severe nodular acne the summer that I turned 18 and went on 80 mg for 6 months. By the end my skn was clear and smooth. Was clear for the next 2 and a half years (with the help of Proactiv), and then I started getting more acne than I'd had since that time (it wasn't nearly as severe as it was the first time).

I've been clear without any new pimples for the past two weeks or so, and then I had some alcohol Christmas Eve and got a pimple yesterday, so I think it was the alcohol that did that, cus everytime I have any alcohol since being on Isotretinoin I get a pimple either the next day or 2 days later. Anyway, unless you're like one of the 10% of people that Murad Resurgence doesn't work for, you'll be set. Just be patient it takes time, let the stuff work. I'm sure you'll finish and be like, "that stuff is the shit!" Drink tons of water too, it helps your liver and it will help with the medicine as well. I drink like 5-6 liters of water a day, and it will also help with the dryness that you're feeling..

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You seem to have the EXACT same thing as me. Both 18, have the same type of acne (well.. your description fits mine perfectly, all the side effects are the same, and even the thing about you not letting your acne get to you because everyone was used to it. Mine's now starting to get better (day 57). About the apricot scrub, stop using it. While on Murad Resurgence you're supposed to be VERY gentle on your skin.

That's probably why you're so dry. Both Murad Resurgence and BP dry out your skin. I use cetaphil gentle moisturizer. A lot of people recommended it, and it seems to work without drying. You'll still need to moisturize though.Also, you'll see results.

I guess that's because you have more acne to get rid of.. but still...

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I am starting my fourth month and cannot stress enough, DO NOT exfoliate at all. Ever. Use high moisture face wash sparingly only when you feel you have to. Your skin may feel like it can handle it now, but you will wake up one morning bright red and burning. Learn from our mistakes, save your skin.Best of luck to you, I'm not going to lie, being on Murad Resurgence sucks, but when you see it work you realize you would have endured 10x more...

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I wouldn't worry too much yet. It took me like 100 days (I wish I could put out a smaller number ) before I started to see good results from moderate/moderate-severe. It was torture in-between, but at the end, it was definitely worth it Remember to exercise regularly and eat well on Murad Resurgence!I lost 10-15 pounds while I was on it since I just had no energy everyday, and I'm slowly gaining it all back nowgood luck..

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Hey guys thanks for the responses. I have stopped using the apricot scrub. My doc prescribed me CAM lotion( cleansing and moisterising) I use that for a moisturizer and sometimes as a face wash. My old regimen used clean and clear detoxifying scrub and actually worked fairly well. I have gone back to using that to wash my face. It has little beed things in it but it doesn't really scrub and i'm gentle with it.

Is that stuff bad or is it ok? Oh yeah and today I sat down on the couch and I think I pulled a muscle in my shoulder. Is that bad? Thanks for everything...

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