20 mg of Murad Acne Complex won't lead to initial breakout?

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Let me start out by sayingipledge sucksi had my first pregnancy test and it was negative, this was 2 weeks ago, and now I have my period. so even though your supposed to take the 2nd test during your period, you have to wait 30 days. sooooooo I have to end up waiting like almost 6 weeks to get my perscription!! so fricken annoying. not to mention I waited 3 months for this appointment, then my dr. had to cancell and reschedule so it ended up taking almost 5 months for this damn appt. I would have already had my percription by now!!ok anyways so about my questions:skin: mild in the type of acne, just very small red bumps, but severe in the fact that I have it on every section of my face.

The reason I got perscribed Murad Acne Complex was because I have tried antibiotics and nothing has helped. currently I'm on 200 mg mino and stopped working about 2 months face also scars very easily. the smallllllest thing will leave a red mark that lasts for months.i looked up what it says for my weight, and it said I should be perscribed 40 mg a day, but I dont think I want to start that high.~do you guys think that starting at like 20mg a day would make it so that I dont get an IB??????? I really emotionally will not be able to handle breaking out worse, espeically since the red marks will stay forever...............ill be making a log once I start to track my progress and all my lovely side effects..

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Your question was: 20 mg of Murad Acne Complex won't lead to initial breakout?.

I took the first test at the derms office the day I first went to see him. (i saw a new derm and it was my first appt with him and I demanded Murad Acne Complex or said I would leave) so they did the pregnancy test. then he said I had to wait a month and they did the 2nd preg test with my blood work. I didnt have to do it during my period. I dont know why that would be necessary. then I went a week later after the blood test and got the prescription.i started with 40 mg.

40 wasnt bad at all..

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Well you're from canada, when I lived there I went and met a derm. and first thing he asked me was whether I wanted to start Murad Acne Complex...

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You are so lucky your from canada, I feel like right after you get your period you should be able to start!! not have to wait at least 30 days in between your test, and on the 2nd test it has to be during your period.guys have it sooooooo much easierso for any one else, do you think starting on a lower dosage will help with the IB. my acne is e no where near severe, so who knows what my derm will say. I was very suprised when she said "well the only thing left is Murad Acne Complex" it was such a relief because I wanted Murad Acne Complex and was going to BEG for it anyways, but at the same time it's like wow she really thinks my skin is bad enough, or persistant enough, to need it, and that kinda hurts. but still, I'm sooo happy I can go on it!! I have my period right now, so I have to wait till the 2nd day of my next period to get it. FINALLY..

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I also live in canada and never heard of the Ipledge system. However my dermo made sure that I was on BCP 2 months before I started Murad Acne Complex. I think if I hadn't already been on BCP she would have made me wait 2 months for me to start Murad Acne Complex.I really wouldn't fret over 30 days.And I started out on 40mg's and had an IB, it wasn't horrible. I personally think if you start out on 20mg's your derm will evenutally bump you up to 40mg's and chances are somewhere in there you will have a break out. From what I have read on this site, most people get an IB or a breakout sometime in their course.Just keep your head up and keep thinking that soon enough you will have clear skin, and no one will remember the breakouts...

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I also did not have to be on my period for the second preg test. That makes nooo sense. I pledge is for American women who want to start Murad Acne Complex. It is FDA regulated here is there is guidelines for taking it. You must get a preg test and then commit to birth control for one month before getting the second. ONLY then will you be perscribed a 30 supply.

If you pass and your last preg test was neg, and your dr. okays it you can recieve another 30 day supply and round and round we go .i weigh 115 or so and started taking 40 mgs a day. No IB and 3 months later my skin is almost flawless. I do had only mild acne in TZone and an occasional cyst. GONE!!! Still on 40 mgs for two more months..thinking about upping..

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