1 CUP water in the Medifast Diet shakes?

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I was just browsing through the shake recipes on 'success tools' page...lots of good ideas for making the shakes yummy..but they only say to add 1/2 cup water....I wanted to let newbies know that they are GREAT with 1 cup of water..I might even add more! With the ice and a little added sugar-free flavor, it gives you more to drink and tastes REALLY GOOD!..

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Yea, I like to use almost an entire cup of water as opposed to only half...

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I don't see this in the guide....the box says 6 - 8 oz (i always put 8)...the guide that I see online says the same. Where do you see 1/2 cup?.

The only way it would work with 1/2 cup is if they cut back on how much shake mix they put in the envelopes and I sure hope they aren't doing that!..

Comment #2

I think I put closer to 10

Shake shake shake!..

Comment #3

I always use 1 cup of water, 2 cups of ice and use the magic bullet to make wonderful thick shakes. The puddings call for 1/2 cup of water though...

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I use a cup of ice plus the water and blend it forever until it sort of turns into whipped cream.... yum!..

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I do the same thing gatita, make it to a milkshake & drink it up!..

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Hi, today is my first day and I am very excited about how good everythings tastes - I am very pleasantly surprised. I am not good with the microwave thoughx(as I don't own one at home) but used it at work. MY oatmeal was very soupy... any reccomendation on how much water to use?.

Ps. Great support from everyone - has really helped me make the decision to stay focused.


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I use 8 ounces of H2O also, I blend in blender then place in fridge for 10 to 15 min. then I add alot of ice, Letting it sit in fridge, doubles the size of the drink, I have a 24 ounce glass I drink it in and I can't get all of it in there, I go back for seconds. How do you make it in the bullet?..

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For the oatmeal at work, I found it always boils over in the microwave. So, instead I add 5 oz of boiling water, stir & loosely cover the shaker. I let it sit on my desk for 2 minutes or so & it is cooked & nice and thick. PS - don't cover tightly or it will shoot off from the pressure built up by the steam. LOL..

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The shakes recipes on the web-site!! NOT on the 'guide' on the boxes of shakes....there is a page on the site with recipes for mudslides, peanut butter shakes, etc.....I thought it was weird they only called for 1/2 cup water!..

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