What Happened to the Medifast Diet Oatmeal Raisin Bars????

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OK, I had read all the posts about how they changed the great tasting old formula bars to new ones. I believed what people said about them not even being close to the old Chocolate Devine, Chocolate Mint and Lemon Fantasy ones. And I haven't ordered them since last Fall when this announcement came out..

Oatmeal Raisin bar WAS my absolute favorite. I remember how the bars from last Fall tasted and, although I had read that they changed them, I took a chance and ordered a box..

OMG!!!! What happened??? What did they do to them?? They are so small and have NO flavor at all. The old ones were so tasty.

I am sorry that I wasted 150 calories and 22 precious carb grams on something that tasted like glue. On a positive note, at least I don't have to worry about having a bar on the same day I have chilione oatmeal raisin bar was MORE than enough for me to have...ever!..

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Sad, isn't it.

The Medifast Bars are not as tasty now and I too won't waste my money, carbs and calories on them. I've found very good substitutions that are far less costly, lower in calories and carbs, but comparable in protein. Too bad Medifast doesn't take a hint from all the postings that tell them they now have a less tasty product...

Comment #1

I agree - I read so many good reviews about the oatmeal I bought those, plus the lemon, and the chocolate. Blech. I think they taste like cardboard, and even warmed up, they are like warm cardboard. The chocolate is the only edible one..

I truly wasted money. I'd rather have a bowl of oatmeal or some tasty Medifast eggs w/salsa on them for a meal instead of those nasty things.

Disappointed in Indiana,.


Comment #2

OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOT the oatmeal raisin bars..... they were my favorite..... I just ordered another box.... I didn't know they changed them........... what is wrong with MF...instead of changing the ones we love why can't they come up with a muffin or cookie........



Comment #3

Guess I'm better off not knowing what I'm missing! I'm only on Medifast for 6 weeks so I only know the new formula, and I LOVE the oatmeal raisin bars! Caramel nut are good too! I'm not crazy about the Smores but I'll eat them when I'm desperate...

Comment #4

I thought the oatmeal raisin bars were pretty good, too! Guess it's a good thing we don't know what we're missing! I still avoid them due to the high calorie and carb count and only eat them on the run when I need something more substantial to keep me going!..

Comment #5

I have only been on Medifast for three weeks and I absoltely LOVE the oatmeal raisin bars. I didn't have the old ones though...

Comment #6

Yep, I boycott Medifast bars. I use a substitution that is the most comparable nutritionally (including protein & fat), but LESS carbs (7 less to be exact) and LESS calories (20 less to be exact), so I don't feel guilty eating them every day. They are awesome tasting as well. Every time I mention them, though, my posts get poofed. Imagine that...

Comment #7

I love the bars. Even the oatmeal raisin. I don't know if I have the new or the old. What is the difference???..

Comment #8

I am sure I only have the new ones since I made my first order in Feb. I love the chocolate and the oatmeal raisin, but I have to choke the rest down! Sorry for all of you that miss them! I know what it's like to be used to something and then have it changed. Maybe Medifast will keep improving them until everyone has found something they like!.

Have a great day!!..

Comment #9

The oatmeal raisen bars are a favorite for me.. along with the Chocolate and to a lesser degree, the Chocolate Mint. I think I have the "recent" version here.. Very yummy.....

Comment #10

I don't know if this is it, but from a post I read this past week on NS, Medifast has quit using high fructose corn syrup in the bars...

Comment #11

It would be nice for me if they quit using high fructose corn syrup. Any 'health food' person will tell you this is one of the worst things to eat, along with hydrogenated oils. I was shocked when I saw these ingredients in some of the Medifast foods. But I know it is in very small amounts and it would be better for me to lose weight even with a few no-so-healthy ingredients than to stay fat. I use Sweet N Low too, and I know that it isn't good for me either. I just use the smallest amount possible..

I know this is a little off-topic, but I have been a little concerned about these things!!.

Have a nice night!!..

Comment #12

I must be in the minority, maybe because I'm a newbie, but I LOVE the oatmeal raisin bars. When I place my 2nd order this week, I'm going to get an extra box...

Comment #13

I have really liked the bars I've tried so far I love the carmel nut and the p-butter. The only ones that have been somewhat disappointing have been the smores (wheres the graham) and the Chocolate mint it had great flavor but was very hard...

Comment #14

Ok how can anyone not like the new chocolate mint bar... they taste like a chewy girl scout cookie ( you all know the one's I'm talking aobut) and since it's the Season... (everyone at work getting boxes delivered to there desks) they have saved my Medifast plan..

Comment #15

I guess since I have only been on Medifast since mid February I don't know what I have missed. I thought the Oatmeal Raisin was good. I also like the Chocolate mint (reminds me of Girl Scot cookies) and the Carmel one...

Comment #16

I've been on the plan one week and I like the Oatmeal Raisin and the Chocolate Mint Bars. I received my order the week of Girl Scout Cookie orders were delivered and I order some Thin Mints before I even decided to try MF. I gave my cookies to my niece and tried one of the Mint Bars and thought I was eatting a Thin Mint - except they could make it a little softer. The other bars need some improvement and I will only eat them when I get low on items and my shipment is on it's way...

Comment #17

I also like the new Medifast barsThe only older one I have tried was the Lemon Fantasy. Omg ! That was the worst thing I've ever tasted besides liver ! So far I like all of the others I've tried the choc. , choc. mint, oatmeal ras & carm nut. Sometimes I wish I didnt like the bars so much .Everyone has diff tasteI even like the BB oatmeal , hate the creamy tomato soup , not very found of the chili...

Comment #18

I only have had the honor of trying the "new" formula ones. I started in November. They were already changed then. My favs are the oatmeal raisin, but I hear they used to be much tastier!! I guess what I mean is out of the choices of Medifast bars available to me NOW, the oatmeal raisin is my fav. I have had better bars in general from other sources, but do not use them now while on mf. Sorry Sue, but ignorance is bliss (lol, which just means for me, I cant miss what I never had, lol). Sure wish I could have tried them tho, sigh...

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